CM World Leagues: A Sao Paulo Story – part 2

Monday already? Never fear, here’s Rob Tait with part two of the Sao Paulo project to pep you up

Welcome back to this international club football experiment. At the end of the last update we (Sao Paulo) had played ten league games and were sitting top of the English International Division 3 with 28 points. I identified a need for another DMC as currently Emmers is playing there and he has no cover, so I use some of the cash from we have left to bring in a favourite player of mine.

Students of CM9798 will remember that he is a FL on the game but I couldn’t help myself when I was messing around with the editor and I changed his position, he already has great potential on the database, 191 or something.

On to our next league match is against Velez Sarsfield, they have appointed Steve Bruce as player manager to help guide them out of division 3, but Steve’s captaincy and Chilavert’s keeping and dead ball skills are no match for Kosta-D and Denilson.

We have some work to do in our League Cup tie in France after drawing the first leg 1-1 at home. It’s all going well for us as we lead 2-0 with 20 minutes to go and they have to score three now. I can believe it, a quick fire brace at the end by Drobnjak and we are out. I’m most disappointed we won’t have another home cup tie to get a couple of million in the bank.

We make hard work of David Pleat’s Sparta Prague side at home on Saturday but two goals from Luis Garcia gets us the victory, Garcia isn’t as prolific as Denilson or Kosta-D but he is proving quite useful. I can’t figure out if his best position is up top or just behind the front two.

Another South American team next, Bolivian side Bolivar, managed by John Toshack, obviously. Although we dominate the game our shooting is wayward and we have to wait till late to make our possession count Denilson with a brace.

A change up in the action as we stay in Brazil for some Auto Windscreen Group action against Cruzeiro. Frank Clark and he has looked to strengthen his defense with the famous Peruvian centre back Norberto/Nolberto Solano. Before he became a right winger I can imagine him as a cool ball playing centre back. He wasn’t so cool in this game though, getting sent off after 12 minutes to bring it to 10 vs 10, yep that is right we were down to 10 men after three minutes. 10 vs 10 is clearly our game, and we are through the group stages after one game. Just the four in this match for Kosta-D.

From Brazil to Filbert Street and former premier league team Leicester. I think they will be challenging for the title but they don’t really do much and we ease by.

From Leicester we head to Greece and Jack Charlton’s AEK Athens side. Jack has signed Pat Scully to play at the back, a solid free transfer signing at the start of the game. After a little research I discovered that Scully’s one and only Ireland cap was given to him by Jack in 1988. Jack works his magic and they dominate but we somehow leave with honours even. Richard Wright with MOM.

Three days later we are back in South America but still away as we head to Uruguay to face Nacional, they have a pretty full squad, that includes Ruben Sosa and their own manager at the start of the game so I thought this might be a tough game but being back on out home continent helps and we turn on the style with Pirri (if you have never signed this guy before do it, he is about £2 million at the start of a real game and he does a great job on the left behind the from 2 in the 2-3-1-2-2 formation) and Kosta-D.

We get to stay on the same continent from the next game but it is back to the Morumbi for a game against Skeid. They are only in the game for Christer George who went to Wolves instead of me as they could activate his big club clause and I couldn’t. Anyway long story short we dominate, they have one shot and win, it is a CM tale as old as time so I won’t dwell on it. I do like their black and yellow away kit though.

Another home tie, Auto Windscreen shield time and also time to get a bit of money as we are running low, paying £50,000 a week to Denilson in Div 3 is not good. The Sao Paulo faithful love a cup competition and this is a great game for the 118,302 fans who turn up to watch.

From one cup game to another, FA Cup first round time, disappointingly we are away so I can’t make any money. Even more disappointing is that another Wildcard side beat us convincingly and there will be no FA Cup run. Tommy SL on the score sheet for good measure.

We stay in Scandinavia for a league match against Lyngby of Denmark. I’m not sure what has been happening in Lyngby but five of their players go off injured which takes the spotlight away from Roy Wegerle’s excellent brace.

A third away match in a row, Austria this time and Wacker Moedling. We haven’t had a sending off in a while so Emmers takes someone out when they are through on goal but it doesn’t stop an easy victory.

The fixtures come thick and fast in the lower leagues of World Club Football so it is a real treat to have a week between fixtures. Joe Royle’s Independiente side boast CM free transfer legend Graeme Tomlinson. Emmers apologises for his transgression in the last match with a brace and MOM but for us red cards seem to be like buses.

Stevie B and Velez are back in Brazil for the Windscreen shield 2nd round. We look to be heading for victory until Harold Lozano scores with eight minutes to go to take it to extra time. Left back Pavao pops up with the golden goal winner. Despite the excitement of the game, the magic of the Auto Windscreen Shield has worn off in Sao Paulo as only 71,000 turn up, down about 40,000 from the group stages game!

We plot slowly on into December and face Corinthians away, Bryan Robson left the Boro to manage them, only time will tell if that was the right choice for him. On the evidence of this game it doesn’t seem so.

One of the more bizarre signings, not really sure he fits the total football mold but you never know. Ajax are fighting for the Premier World League title so maybe he will add a bit of steel for the run in.

We are playing Cruzeiro again, this time in the league. It’s a lot closer than the 6-0 thrashing we handed out but fortunately we are on the right side of a tight contest, Kosta-D still banging in the goals on a regular basis.

It’s the halfway point in the league and a trip to beautiful Vienna. The result is not so beautiful for the home fans as we walk away with a comfortable victory. Austria Vienna now sit bottom of the table with 23 loses in 23 games. I was half expecting us to slip up here.

Five games left to the end of this update and it is all downhill now to the end of the season, so much so that we get a full week between most fixtures now. We travel up to Rio to face Sir (not yet) Bobbie’s Vasco who are third in the table. Wegerle is on form again and after a close first half we pull away in the second for a great win.

Staying in Brazil but back home to face Flamengo it’s just one of those games where we can’t get that second goal and Neale Fenn makes up pay as we drop two points.

We spend Christmas day in England as we prepare to face Boro at the Riverside. Once again Mark f-ing Schwarzer plays like a man possessed and despite hitting the target eleven times to their five we need an 82 minute goal from Kosta-D to rescue a point.

We are back in Brazil for the New Years Eve party and a game against Christian Bye Andersen’s Eik-Tonsberg. Florian Prunea gets a game as Richie Wright is feeling a little low after partying too hard. They have four shots on target and score three so safe to say he won’t be playing often. Denilson has the midas touch though as we win a nine goal thriller.

Ajax make a slightly more conventional signing, Newcastle are fighting with Ajax for the title so as transfer business goes you would expect this sort of thing from Ruud not Kenny. Al Shearer is Alan Shearer without the 7 month injury at the start of the game.

A rare midweek game, again we face Keegan and Flamengo but this time in the Windscreen Shield Quarters. Still less people than turned up for the group match. It’s young Brazil vs old Brazil as Romario and Denilson both score hat-tricks. The last two goals came just before the end, saving us from extra time and the golden goal. Just the eight goals in two games for Denny.

After the midweek high of the Windscreen Shield win we are a bit flat in Greece and Adie Mike gets the only goal for the hosts as we suffer our second league loss of the season.

I never like to end on a loss but we are about two thirds through the season and I’ve talked enough. The league table is looking positive. I’m a bit surprised that Leicester and Boro aren’t higher but there are only eight points between 2nd and 9th so all to play for, hopefully they will all beat themselves and make my job a little easier.

Next week we have the final 18 league games and the chance of winning the Auto Windscreen Shield, action that is surely too good to miss.

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