Summer Specials Eight – Playable Swedish League

Okay so, finally something you’ve actually been waiting for, but if you missed last weeks Battle Royale, you can catch up here. Given it is the closing part in the CM9798 Summer Specials we wanted to leave you with a treat. Last year we created a playable Norwegian League which can be found here. But we’ve gone a step further and brought you a playable Swedish League too. You can download all the files you need here; just add them to the main file and ‘ba-da-bing’.

With some help and guidance from Nick Rowe, we’ve been able to edit the main menu, so you know which league to select. If you can’t guess, we’ve traded out Belgium. We can’t quite create regional divisions for the second tier, so it isn’t perfect to 1997/98 but almost all teams of significance are represented. An honourable mention to Joey Lund too, for help in finding missing manager information for the database. We’ve ran the season without interference to see what happened so here goes. Oh, and if you’d like to manage Sweden it’s Tommy Svensson.

If you start a season with GAIS…there’s really only one way to play…the WM formation!


A pretty unsurprising outcome as Gothenburg run away with it, losing only two games all season. It is a surprise if you look at the players and their stats. Helsingborg have some fantastic players at their disposal…

 …and really should have been closer than 12 points.

Oster actually spent to most of the season in 2nd place but faded in the last 10 games dramatically to fall to 4th place. It was a disappointing midtable for Degerfors and Leif Olsson (who in reality should have been at Belenenses in Portugal by this point!)

Hammarby spent the entire season getting hammered…but Peter Berggren was the highest rated and most consistent performer in the division. With that off the ball, positioning, finishing and heading he should do well pushed forward in a more attacking team.

Time Banda-its. What I wouldn’t give to go back to 1997/98 and know about this accomplished attacking full-back. Stats that would be more accustomed to a forward/attacking midfielder.

Johnny Eke’d it by 7 goals. The stats suggest he’s not an elite player however.

His closest runner a man fit for the Retirement Home!

Division 1.

In the non-regional Division 1 Hacken took the title over the last few days of the season to Kalmar. In later versions of the CM series Hacken go on to have some serious players. And for right now there’s this guy.

Kalmar fought for that spot all season, but they just couldn’t hack it.

And despite David Wilson providing the skill, the Ljung lads couldn’t rise up the table.

Brage ‘Dof’ their cap surviving on the same points with less than a goal a game.

Despite relegation Gunnilse have competition for Djurgarden’s Banda in the world of full-backs who cannot tackle.

Somebody please explain this one…they must have been 19 brilliant headers…


Kalmar take promotion sauntering home thanks in no little part to the bizarrely fantastic Thomas Johansson their ‘2 for finishing’ goal machine. It doesn’t say much for Swedish ‘keepers.


Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you the one and only billy…Robert Gustafsson. Starting out at Motala he appears to have the world at his feet if you can get him motoring.

Joakim Alexandersson is another bargin. A solid centre back capable of a decent step up.

He couldn’t have Vought a game at Halmstad but banging them in for Sweden!

Not a Swede, but what a find. This guy looks like he will be tremendous.

And diving further into non-league placings, Atvidaberg have some great talent like this chap.

The Svenska Cupen

It was 1st vs. 3rd but you couldn’t tell as Malmo get torn to pieces after a disastrous early red card. Ekstrom avoiding the shame of a penalty miss by way of the score line.

And with that I leave you to enjoy the gift of a playable Swedish league. I hope you enjoy finding out about players you’ve never seen in the game before. Let us know how your Swedish adventure goes! That is the end of our Summer Specials, I do hope you have enjoyed the weird and wonderful keeping you entertained. See you again next summer!

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