24. A-Z of Football – Espanyol (03/04)

Happy Tuesday! Here’s Liam with the A-Z latest. Espanyol have got some work to do but there’s another problem coming…

And we are back. A strange period of football for the club, with results all over the place. However, the market is back open, so let’s sell some of these FGN players that I have abundance of! A bit has gone in for an Italian legend, who’s position in the game, is strange! We start the update with our Copa Del Rey first leg at Betis. A difficult start!

Ok, maybe I do have a chance in the cup competitions! Great result and Nathan Lee is now scoring again. We have them again, away from home in the league. Can we beat them again?

Nope. I am still confused by the game!

This is what happens when you have literally 1 defender. I hope they hire big!

Another tough game. home to Barcelona. Again, damage limitations!

What even is this game! lol. Another goalkeeper gets MOM against us though, sign of a good performance! The inconsistency however is a big issue. I was hoping for a big appointment. Boring

Second leg of the Copa Del Rey quarter at Betis. And again, can we not throw this away please? Let’s just keep those performances going!

Does go to extra time, but we get the win in the end. Again, not a convincing performance! It is Real Sociedad that we will meet in the semi final, which is great news as Barcelona will face Real Madrid. Another game and they come thick and fast, it is Real Zaragoza in the league, away.

Great win, and my confidence is building!

At this point, the world went into lockdown due to Covid-19. Liam’s game is trapped at his place of work and will be continued at a later date. My thanks to Liam so far for keeping such a long running series interesting. He will be back soon!

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