The Wonderkids – Part Nineteen: All for Nothing

Hello and welcome to this weeks Wonderkids. If you missed the re-start you can catch up with last week here. Last time up we started out on our title defence and our first European adventure. It’s fair to say it has been a rather shambolic start from the standards we set ourselves over the last 4 seasons. Here’s how we left the table:

Our strikers have deserted us this season, even more than last with only Rose amongst the thorns leaving the first 12 games with any credit. It could be worse…we could be Man Utd. It takes a 114th minute goal to get beyond Ipswich in the pointless cup. Now that’s what I call music!

A commanding performance against mid-table opposition and we move onwards. The board are simultaneously delighted and unhappy.

Just as he starts to get motoring again, the FA give a ludicrous ban for reaching the first threshold.

Remco van der schnaffles a place in the Dutch squad…

Turan Turan can’t sing us to sleep despite a mystery red card and we maintain a position for one of the best runners up.


We face off with ‘Boro who have slipped into 1st place ahead of Newcastle…and what a result. The kids are showing up now, no doubt an injury crisis is on the horizon.

Bringing Bing back in has steadied the ship a little at the back and the gap to the top is trimmed slightly.

We greet our Charity Shield foes West Ham with delight. We’re on a bit of a roll…ahem…as is Ramirez, the man has come to life finally!

We’re 9 games unbeaten so of course its PSG in the Champions League…and what a result. Revault gets MoM which says everything. We should have won.

Three bloody cheers for Ramirez! After a terrible start he’s now matched last season’s total by November.

Villa go the distance as we hit the heady heights of 5th and only 3pts away from 1st placed ‘Boro. A sour note though.

Particularly hard to take as Parry was back to becoming our driving force.

Bing’s return to the side is rewarded with an England call up. He’ll battle it out with Duberry and Curtis for a spot at centre back.

We play West Ham again for what feels like the millionth time this season…and win again!

Rose is back but we get diddled by a ‘Super ‘Keeper’ performance at Derby County.

The draw take us up to 4th but yet again its just Juan thing after another…

Brutally having our squad cut down and disrupted every time we hit form. Next up it’s a trip to Austria where we need a pretty big win to secure progression in the Champions League. We secure it but will it be enough…

…we’ll find out on 13th February when the final two group fixtures are played…what a wait! Bing makes his international bow…

…and Schaaf scores on his debut too. Rose just can’t shift Kluivert with Holland playing one up top.

We get far too easily turned over at Leeds by a fellow minus man as the long unbeaten run comes to an end.

We sneak a 1-0 at 20th placed Wimbledon and then Chelsea get their revenge for the opening day. We are all of a sudden woeful and unable to score.

The curse continues to ride through us like a storm…

‘Boro keep on winning despite big Ron taking over from Robson. And it means at the end of this update we’ve fallen back to where we were at the start. The board are getting less enthusiastic.

Almost a third of the goals against conceded in two of the last three games. We leave you on the precipice of a season that could now go either way. We’re still in the pointless cup, we may still have a shot at Champions League glory (even if we get through I’m not holding much hope!) and the FA Cup draw was kind offering us up Division Two opposition. So, whilst we’re still in with a chance of 5 trophies, its seems an impossible ask right now. Please join us next week to see which way the cookie crumbles.

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