The Wonderkids – Part Eighteen: The Return of the Curse

Happy Hump Day. We’re back with Andrew (@KingOfTheRooks) for your Wonderkids Wednesday, where the champions are about to start a Champions League adventure.

Hello and welcome back to The Wonderkids who are probably wondering where I’ve been for the past three months. Last time out we had stuttered our way to the Premier League title in our first season with a lot of the players not really making the grade…surely this means our debut season in the Champions League will be awful! We make some minus-man additions to the squad.

I’ve patiently waited 4 seasons for this man and he may well usurp Parry from the central role. Meanwhile, Spurs make joke-in-ear in an attempt to catch me off guard.

A few pre-season games confirm my suspicions…we may have peaked. Borussia MBG and Ajax give us a kicking but not before we dispatched Santos 3-1. We open the season in the tin foil shield and it is bitter sweet.

We win our first trophy…

But after waiting years for Meira, he won’t play a single game until February when the season is almost over. Why are we cursed…why?????????????????????????????

We ‘open’ the season at Chelsea, hell we unwrap it like its Christmas!

There’s no joking here as Joe Kinnear and his spicy spurs hold us to a 0-0 courtesy of our nemesis Ian Walker and then a terrible Arsenal side almost inflict a defeat.

We’ve got our work cut out to retain this title. One minus man is having one hell of a journeyman career.

And Robson leaves ‘Boro for the Utd job after Germany appointed Ferguson. He proceeds to lose to ‘Boro in the next game. Great decision…

This game, this curse…my life…

In the space of a week we proceed to lose 2-0 to Sheff Utd and Sheff Wed as our strikers go AWOL. This is horrific, the biggest struggle so far.

We get our Champions League group and PSG will no doubt be the thorn in our side we need to jettison to get through…its not looking good.

Following on from Sheffield, its two visits involving the city of Liverpool next as we draw 2-2 with Liverpool and sneak a 2-1 win against 2nd bottom Everton…it is a hard f****** slog at the minute.

Our woes follow us as Turan Turan show us we are an ordinary team in an ordinary world…

We only manage a draw at 17th Palace and the pain continues. The brutal injury curse is taking the p*** again this season. Always taking down form players.

Inzaghi, on 6 goals in 6 games pulls a ‘5’ against the Hampton Wolverines and we’re down in 14th, a good 10 points off first place…is the season over before its even begun?

Can we not knock it? Somebody send in the Viagra, we’ve lost our potency. Has there been a worse title defense? Some bang average performances cost us a point at PSG.

Redemption for Parry after being sent to Coventry…but its never straight forward for us.

Leonidas will be out for a month. The kids aren’t alright. Resorting to three at the back we steal a win over Man Utd.

Un-tirol next time folks…we turn over Austrian opposition but we’re another man down…MAN DOWN somebody please!!!

We’re in competition for the runners-up spots after Real Madrid got diddled by PSV we just need to avoid a big loss at PSG next time out. We close out our update with a visit to table toppers Newcastle who have the deadly duo of Batistuta and Hartson up top.

As results go that isn’t too bad but we conceded all those goals with 3 at the back. THREE CHEERS FOR RAMIREZ!!! That’s his first goal in 12 attempts in the league. And with that we close the gap…not.

Ourselves and Spurs have fallen away completely this season. But we’re hitting a bit of a recovery. Catching Newcastle seems unreasonable even with a good chunk of the season to go. Has our minus men’s progression stalled? Have they peaked in development? Please join us again next week to see if the recovery continues and if we can find ourselves on a course to at least one (real) trophy this season!

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