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You may remember earlier in the year when Ross tried – and failed – to make Leeds United a force again. Spurred on by their real life achievements, Ross is back in the dugout in 1997 to give it another go…

Let’s try this again shall we! Way back in January 2020 back when things were normal and no one ever wore a facemask I took on a task set to me by our overlord here Dave to try and have a successful season with Leeds…It went badly to say the very least, we survived relegation on the final day thanks to a 0-0 draw with Wimbledon.

So let’s run it back, we’ve all had time to grow and learn, let’s see if I can make it work 8 months down the road.

First up just like last time is Spurs, this time it’s different, not massively we still fail to actually beat them but a 1-1 draw is sure better than a 4-3 loss! Oh yeah you may notice some much smarter signings this time around. Emmers and Page lead me to a league title with Liverpool and I needed an AMC so please welcome Par Zetterberg to partner David Hopkin in the AMC roles.

Next up is Liverpool the last time you saw me here I led them to a league title, this time I held them off until the unlikely hero of Stig Inge Bjornebye won it for the Reds late on.

Game Week 3 sees us in a big Derby game (sorry I made that terrible joke last time as well), we beat them by the skin of our teeth last time, this time is a lot easier with a 5-0 away win with 5 different goalscorers. Lovely scenes. You may at this point also notice the slightly odd Leeds away kit, i tried to change it to the most recent Grey and Pink strip as I really dislike the old Green and Blue that they rock in the base game.

The good times keep rolling as we dispatch Villa with a comfortable 3-1 away victory, Hasselbaink has got going much quicker this time around than he did in my first go at this.

2 more for Jimmy and another win this time Saints are the losers, Rod Wallace has also started the season in great form. this challenge is certainly easier when the men paid to score goals actually do their job

We will wrap it up for part one with a loss and it’s Wimbledon again who causes me pain, Jimmy scores again but I’m powerless to stop Jon Goodman?

So that’s it for this week but let’s have a quick look back at where we were after 6 games last time.

Played 6 Won 1 Drawn 2 Lost 3 scored 8 conceded 12 and a total of 5 points. This time around we have played 6 Won 3 Drawn 1 Lost 2 scored 14 conceded 7 with a total points tally of 10. Now I’m no mathematician but that’s almost twice as good in every department. 

I like it, a lot. Until Next time #MOT

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