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Merry Tuesday! The A-Z is about to get F’n interesting as Liam lands a new job. But where? I mean you can see the screenshot. I’ll let Liam explain.

Here we go! A club I never saw myself at, Ferrol. A blank slate to build a fresh team. Before the season officially ends, I am going to add a few old players onto the shortlist with the hope of picking up some nice regens. I have a lot of experience with these kind of teams, as in my early days I was always looking to take over Farnborough Town when they came up. It is the kind of challenge I enjoyed in my earlier days! With hope, we could win a trophy in our first season and move on to G, where there are even fewer options (Genoa, Gillingham, Grimsby).

First signing however is this man, one who I mentioned in the previous episode

Joining Friedel is this wonderkid (I hope)

Before I got the Ferrol job, they did sign a few players so at least we start with a little bit of squad depth!

In come the following 4 players, including 2 of my former guys at Espanyol!

And then in comes our new striker

So a good start to proceedings. Still a lot more players to bring in however, but some quality up above. Let’s see who else we can get! In comes Ghana international Gargo;

I need to watch out how many foreign players I bring in, but getting players to Ferrol is difficult. I have players not even talking to me, but talking to Boston United or Orn! Yes, that is a real team, Kolkka rejected me to join them,

Before I have time to sign almost anyone, the season is with us. I have a bare 11 players, but 5 are foreign. Not expecting much here but to keep the numbers down! Will be running with this team to start

Not a bad performance in the cup, some positives to be taken away for sure;

In comes this Italian contingent, including….James Wilson.

Couple of nice looking players in there, that can hopefully help boost us to promotion first season. Saying that, up first, we go to Valladolid away. A very tough game to start the season, and not one I believe will start with a win. We are still building the team, and this is how it is looking;

But we go into the game with low expectations, and have to see how it goes!

Not good, all 3 goals came in the first 12 minutes, however their goalkeeper getting MOM gives me some hope that we were doing something right! Positive performance regardless of the scoreline. We still need more players! Here come another 2.

This guy, just for the versatility off the bench;

Second leg of our Copa Del Rey up next, and evidently not expecting too much. Just get us out of this competition so we can settle into the division.

We lose 5-2, but again the stats don’t look bad again. I don’t think Friedel is the goalkeeper we need him to be, so I may look for him to be replaced. Again, another red card doesn’t help us however. Up next, home game to Numancia. No new signings to speak of before this game.

So goals also may prove a problem by the look of it, however it is our first point on the board. In comes a new number 1, 3 & 9 though.

All 3 make their debut away to Barcelona B. A few more players and our club will be there. Just hoping we don’t get a damn red card this time!

First win! 3rd red card….But we recover and we move! Happy days. Thick and fast, Albacete up next.

No words, move on. Nothing to see here

THAT’S BETTER! Fiawoo banging them in. I know I am obsessed with Non-EU, but I couldn’t resist buying this guy with those stats.

Another Non-EU, but I JUST HAD TO. Oh, and Jim Quinn

Next game, the front 4 of Hagi, Stan, Bouazizi and Fiawoo will surely BANG THEM IN.

Well it is goals galore, but not just on my side. It is however, a good result against another strong side. Big club release clause, and I lose my utility player for £170k to Compostela. Just have to find a new utility player or 2! In comes this current Greece international goalkeeper though.

In come a few more just before the deadline closes, which is where we end this update.

Until next time, adios!

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