Leeds Redux – Part 5 | @RossBell1984

It’s the final visit to Elland Road for this series as Ross looks to finish on a high with Leeds. It has been going quite well but…are the wheels starting to come off?

Here we are then, This season has been a resounding success. I’m nowhere near relegation and I’ve got some goal scorers, Life is good.

Life could also be better though however after twice going ahead in this one away at Barnsley we contrive to rescue a draw from the jaws of victory. Alfie getting a red card certainly didn’t help things. Never mind I’m sure it’s just a blip.

Ok maybe its more than a blip, a 3-0 loss to Sheffield Wednesday and a second red card in three games for Nigel Martyn, The big man has lost his composure these last few weeks.

A chance to right the ship at home to Blackburn passes us by, At least we finished this game with 11 men. Baby steps.

A point, a precious point. hardly the sparkling end to the season i envisaged a few weeks ago but we are still just a million or so points behind Man U, It’s fine. Oh yeah Lee Sharpe finally makes his first appearance of the season, It’s April!

And what do you know Martyns ban coincides with a game against Man U. and Jimmy is injured, Cool.

I feel like I’ve slipped back into my old Leeds save here by mistake. Beeney is powerless to stop the mighty Paul KItson. Remember when we used to win games and Rod Wallace was free scoring. No me either.

We end the season away to Palace, of course we lose and even Tomas Brolin scores. The game really takes the piss sometimes.

So there we have it. The season is over we managed to throw away second place during our fabulous end of reason run so It’s the UEFA cup for us next season.

Well deserved by Jimmy that.

And with that we end the season, If you want to see where this Leeds team can go in the future then contact myself or Dave on twitter and I’ll be happy to carry the save on. Thanks for reading #MOT

Ross joins me in hosting episode 9 of the Championship Manager podcast available now!

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