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Today is CM9798’s 23rd birthday! Our party is being started (and ended) by Philip, who is back in Belgium for the end of season one. How far can Beveren go?

Hallo allemaal!

Welcome back to my Belgian story! My hometown club Beveren is having a very good first season. We reached the quarter finals in the Belgian Cup and after 24 games we are in 3rd position.

Can we hold this position during the last 10 games of the season and qualify for the UEFA cup?

Before we pick up the action my 2 Czech players get a call-up. Especially Jansta is having a strong season. He currently has the highest average rating of the team. As said in my rules of engagement, I can only use them for the length of their contracts. But during the next 2 seasons they could be important when trying to develop my regens.

Our first match this blog is against our arch rivals Lokeren. Winning is sweet, winning against your arch rivals is even sweeter.

After the international break (during which both Smid and Jansta don’t make it to the Czech squad) we host Aalst. They are a good team and they are currently in 4th position. We have to win this one! We do and the win puts us 6 points ahead of them.

Another 2 goals of Van Den Eede, but I am also very happy with Tristan Peersman. He only got into the squad recently. His performance is getting stronger week after week and he seems a worthy replacement of Gunther Sterckx. The next couple of weeks we will have to do without him though.

Overall I cannot complain too much though about injuries this season. I had several, but we never missed several key players for a longer period of time and it never really impacted team performance.

After 4 victories in a row we travel to Lierse, the unexpected champions in 1997. They always spend a lot of money in the first season, and during this save it is no different. Risky business because it ends very soon with a deficit. And unlike the Big Three they don’t get the cash injection at the end of the season. That being said, they give us our biggest defeat so far this season!

We were nowhere against Lierse. With our next match at home against a mediocre Gent, I am expecting an answer after this loss. Easier written than done. It’s a game we should have always won, but if you don’t convert your chances, you will concede a goal in the 89th minute.

Harelbeke will play Standard in the Cup Final. As I mentioned last week, I am expecting Standard to dominate and win with a big score.

5 matches to go and we are still in 3rd position. We travel to Bruges for what should be the most difficult match of the season. They are still dominating the league this season and for sure will become champions. They could win it already now if we lose and Standard does the same. Not today Club Brugge, not today!!

What a superb victory! Full steam ahead now. That 3rd place is ours!

We delayed the title party with our victory at Jan Breydel, but Club Brugge wins the Belgian championship two matches later. It is deserved, overall they were the strongest team.

We finish in style during the final 2 matches of the season and that 3rd position is ours!

I didn’t expect to end so high in the first season, but with 7 points ahead of Anderlecht & Lierse, this is well deserved. Sint-Truiden and RWDM relegate.

Here is how we did as a team. Best performance goes to Kamil Jansta. Our top scorer is, no surprise, Bart Van Den Eede.

Final game of the season: the Cup Final. What did I tell you?

Time for contract management now. 12 players have an expiring contract. Only Dutchman Van Ophuizen is non-Belgian, he will be released for sure. I decide to release as well De Smet, Belligh, Vlaminck, Mannaert & Van Rumst. All others I will try to resign. With the exception of Erwin Lemmens they all believe they can add value to our future regen squad and they sign their new contract. After 3 negotiation rounds with Lemmens I am fed up with him and he gets released as well. I do hope there is a regen goalkeeper available next season.

With all that contract management I would almost forget there is a worldcup ongoing! France and Brazil played the final in 1998, but neither of them will win it in cm9798! This are the quarter finals.

Italy is the first one to make it to the final, followed by Germany.

On July 12th 1998 the Italian anthem is played over Paris as winners of the 1998 WC!

The season has come to an end. And the award goes to:

There is only 1 thing left to do: setting my anchor points.

Do I have an interest in buying them? Not at all. Then how do I intend to use them? Look at how they are sorted in my short list. This will give you a clue.

Tot de volgende keer!

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