Tales from Wales – Part 8 – Da(le)-kota | @Matt_C_Wills

Good week to you! Monday Matt is here to prove the Boomtown Rats were wrong and there is actually plenty to like about this day. Although having said that, Matt’s not exactly loving Division 1 with his all Welsh Cardiff side…

There are things I like. The songs of Shakin’ Stevens for example. The sunset over the River Taf. A pint of Brains on Queen Street on a Friday evening. Wales qualifying for Euro 2000.

One thing I am not enjoying though is Division 1 in 1999.

Last time out we were struggling to find our feet and sat 15th after a third of the season had rolled past, so with some trepidation, we pick up the league action away to Oxford.

Hmmm, maybe there is love in the dark after all.

Maybe our form and fortune can turn around, bright eyes?

From the Vale of Glamorgan to Port Vale, it’s happy travels

Fulham. The Lockdown challengers, halt our merry run

Formalities for the Euro 2000 qualifying group now and it’s almost perfect until a late lapse in concentration. No matter, we’re on our way!

All there is to do now is await the draw…

Italy the danger there – Pavarotti vs Aled Jones. Think we’ll be aiming for 2nd place in the group, but then so will Rep of Ireland and Czech Republic. It’ll be like Shakin’s Stevens Vs Daniel O’Donnell, Bonnie Tyler vs Sinead O’Connor, Gorky’s Sygotic Mynci vs U2, I’m excited already.

Before all that summer shenanigans, it’s International weekend, and for once we don’t lose on the same weekend the international teams are in action

A week later though and despite our bright eyes (burning like fire) we collapse woefully at home. Carl Cort, the toast of East Anglia.

This was despite them qualifying for Euro 2000. I wonder what was said?

The FA appoint a Scotsman for the role. Of Course.

Twiss did us over last season in the Windscreen Shield when at Brentford and he continues the harassment at Maine Road

Oh, that has cheered me up….

The circle is complete.

Finally, something to cheer about again. Young Kristian Hartson had a great season last year, but he’s not on it in Division 1.

Young Welshman Graham Knott makes a big money move to Middlesbrough. Will they play him or let him rot in the reserves?

International Friendly time again. As many of the Welsh team play below the Premier league, we manage to scrabble enough of a team together for a narrow win over the mighty Luxembourg.

An international weekend miracle!

Deniol Graham is in fine form at the moment, but Jarman will be out for a bit which isn’t great news.

Maybe our early season woes are behind us and we’re finding some sort of form, which is handy as its Chelsea in the FA Cup next.

Carl Dale is benefiting from the spot a lot lately, but I’m not complaining, certainly as Chelsea had a city in Scotland on their side.

For some reason we have a league game 2 days later and our FA Cup win hangover shows

5 days later though, all is well, even if Dale missed one from the spot, again.

We’ll finish off with a draw against Bolton, and why not? Nathan Blake is on my shortlist, but I’m not sure I can entice him to head to South Wales.

Summer recruits Phillips and Huggins are doing well at wingback, whilst veteran defenders Knill and Ratcliffe can’t even get near the bench at the moment. The only thing keeping me sane are the goals of Dale and Graham…and my Bonnie Tyler LP’s.

Despite the positive results, we’re just sneaking into the top half of the table. The play-offs look a bit beyond us this season, but we’ll give it a go. I don’t think these boys are ready for the Premiership yet anyway. See you next week for Euro 2000 action and more Welsh hi-jinks!

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