Tales from Wales – Part 11 – Merry Xmas, Everyone | @Matt_C_Wills

Monday is often the darkest day but here as ever to brighten yours is Matt Wills with his all Welsh Cardiff side. Is this the episode where they look like getting out of Division 1?

Snow is falling, all around us, children playing, having fun. It’s the season, love and understanding, stuck in Division One.

They say Division 1 is the hardest league to get out of and we’re experiencing it in our second season in the league. My all Welsh Cardiff side are 10th after 15 games and we’re looking for form to change our fortunes.

I’m not sure I can take another season of results like this

There’s really no excuse for surrendering that lead, but good to see the regens of Hughes and Rush getting the goals in I suppose.

We’re in early again with the goals against Reading and it’s amazing how things look when you don’t let any goals in.

Martyn Margetson has been our keeper of choice for 4 seasons now and he often turns up with the goods. Neville Southall’s regen is out on loan, so that selection headache is for the future. For now, he’s earned us a point away to Norwich. I only gave Iwan Roberts 12 minutes to win it against his old club, but his rating shows the truth.

Another stalwart from the start is Deniol Graham and its another hat trick to send Oxford packing.

Just when you think you’ve turned the corner and something like this comes along to Bury you.

World Cup qualifying time and after winning our first two games, Denmark provide a sterner test. Knott our day…

International weekend means I’m wary of the curse I have constructed in my head, but thankfully we seem to be a little more resolute these days

Resolute my arse

Thankfully our home form is keeping us positive

Of course – I spoke too soon

I’m not sure why we can’t seem to win away at the moment. Maybe having an all Welsh side means they just prefer being in Wales?

Well, that theory seems sound I guess

The laptop was almost flying out of the window at this point. Coventry replacing Steve Ogrizovic with Gigi Buffon is a story for the ages. A boxing day stuffing if ever I saw one.

Maybe this man can bolster our defence? Strong in the tackle and in the air.

¬£12k a week? Who does he think he is? Tom Jones?! I withdraw my offer, we’re not made of money!

The lead swaps hands a number of times in the Severn derby. Young Williams saves our blushes in the end.

The FA Cup is a welcome distraction from our erratic league form, but it’s far from a classic

I think I’m going to have see if I can persuade Katherine Jenkins to join us on away trips and get the boys focused. We really don’t like East Anglia.

Lets end on a positive, because lets be honest, this is hard work

So, where does this all leave us? We started in 10th and we’ll end it here in 12th. Where would we be without the goals of Graham, Williams and Parry? Up slack alley I should imagine.

Ok, I’m going to try and be positive, we’re 9 points off 4th place, and only two wins from the play offs. There’s 16 games left to play, so nothing is impossible. Can we find some form and push ourselves into the play offs, or is it going to be another season in Division 1?

See you next week, I’ll try to be cheerful, honest!

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