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Hello! Another week begins on as Matt looks to seal a second successive promotion…

I’m back again, to spread a little Monday cheer with our tales of these Alex Ferguson Cast Offs. We’re into the tail end of season 2 and despite a few poor results in Part 5, we’re looking good for a second successive promotion. Here’s where we left off…

And….we’re in the League Cup semi-final, so we’re off to Maine Road to face the sky-blue half of the city. Nevvers sets it up nicely and Rodders gives us a useful lead for the second leg, nothing is settled yet though.

Back in league action and Mike Duxbury’s Belinda visit Broadhurst. Mike’s old teammate diminutive Danny Wallace scores twice, both headers surprisingly…..

The League Cup semi final second leg swings around and despite the first leg being close, City have nothing to match us and we’re off to Wem-ber-ley!

Danny Wallace is on fire at the moment, I hope he sticks around for a season or two more.

I’m becoming resigned to losing Ronnie Wallwork at the end of the season though – he still won’t sign a new contract, so I decide to line up some cover. Welcome Graeme Hogg. £85k probably isn’t much of a gamble

Hogg is straight into the side against Oldham and it’s a debut to forget. I hope he’s not going to be my William Prunier….Notman and Robins on target – surprised I haven’t used that weak pun already….

We throw the furniture at our opposition at The Dave (sic) Stadium but no Chester draws here. Choccy enjoys a rare run out with a goal, a sight I wish I had seen more of really.

Tranmere have no answer to our excellent form and we’re marching on towards promotion at a cracking rate.

Not even Brentofrd can snooker us in our quest for the title, especially when the Brown has potted.

Blackpool run us close – Man Utd alumni Brown and Phelan try their best to derail us, but we’ve been trying Richie Wellens at left wing back and it seems to be working out nicely.

A playoff place is secured, but I don’t want a ticket to that lottery – I want the jackpot again.

Clayton! No.


Hopefully both guys will be back for the run in but the League Cup final might be too soon for Clayton and Michael.

I get to roll out the Notman and Robins gag twice in the same post when Grimsby come to town. Fretting a bit over Danny’s injury there though.

Lovely stuff, Division 1 here we come

I would expect nothing less…

Looks like Danny will miss the cup final, poor guy, he’s been immense the past two seasons

Teather is off to Scotland

League Cup Final time, and here’s how we’re lining up against Arsenal. Cooke’s in for Wallace, Rodders for Twiss and Keithy Gee is in for Clayton at right back. It’ll have to do.

Arsenal go for the classic 4-4-2 approach. There’s a lot of class there, and big Dion at the back will be a handful.

The first half isn’t much to write about, we really should have taken some of those chances

In the end, our proliferation in front of goal is our undoing. The lead we gained from a Nevland tap in after a goalmouth scramble is undone. Twice Vieira scored after rebounds from counter attacks. Everything gets thrown forward but it’s not enough. It’s been a proud journey but in the end the gulf of two divisions shows

There’s no time to mope, the boys did me proud and we’re only improving. Shaun Goater knows a lot of our lads, but no feeding day for him

That convincing win seals the deal for our title hopes

We’re at Craven Cottage as champions and Mark Robins is making me sit up and notice with his latest goalscoring form. Truro City legend Barry gets the responses.

I’m not sure how Atletico Madrid’s keeper managed to score past us, but the game can be a funny thing sometimes.

With the title sewn up, the boys definitely seem to have one eye on the beach and the summer break

That drab effort against Millwall earlier in the season is nicely atoned for

Look at this – Clayton’s back from injury and back in the Welsh squad, get on.

Its just a procession now. Wallace and Brown wrap the 3pts up late enough

Danny Wallace is playing out of his skin – is Glenn Hoddle watching?

That’s the season wrapped up – only two draws and one loss in this part, we’ve been scintillating

That 5th goal against Wigan was Brown’s 100th goal for the club in just two seasons – we have a star on our hands

In Europe, Inter settle an all Italian affair

Auxerre prevail in the Cup Winners Cup

Big Pally settles the FA Cup against Liverpool. I wonder if it was from a late corner and through a crowd of players….?

Barca and PSG replay the ’97 CWC Final and Barcelona come out on top once again

Another end of season and another Bee Gee bids us farewell

Chelsea make a huge bid for contract rebel Wallwork but I stand firm, I’m sure he will sign a new one any day now.

I make a cheeky bid for Sharpey, but the Leeds board are having none of it

Another United player has let his contract run down, but would young Paul be tempted to join our revolution?

Damn it, how did I miss this opportunity??!!

Probably one of the toughest choices of Paul’s career to date

No such hard decisions when it comes to the end of season awards though

A lot of Man Utd coverage there. Looks like Shearer usurped Scholey as Utd main man upfront. Carl Dale there, as class as ever.

Season update time comes around and there’s a fair few sad farewells

The board notice the cash funds are dwindling so there’s a few quid made available to replace Les and Brian

None of that cash will go on Paul though, which might actually be for the best!

Cheers and gone Derek.

The first incomer is a feisty young winger from South Africa

The Guv’nor isn’t as keen to join us though, mores the pity.

I can’t refuse this one, Ronnie has the Big Club Release clause, but it’s far less than Chelsea had offered not that long ago.

Ronnie is a wanted man – looking at those stats it’s no wonder, hes been great for us

I warn him he could end up a stiff in the reserves. He could stay and become a legend…

He chooses the former, but to sweeten the deal I convince Paul the second time to join our band of merry men

Lots of Man Utd/Liverpool cross over. I doubt it would have happened this way in reality, but Fergie’s getting the younger verison here.

That’s where we’ll leave it until next week. It’s been a great season, but the hard work will begin in Division One – I hope Ince and Fortune are up the task! See you next week.

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