Cheering Up Peter Reid – Part Ten: Picking Up Points

Put away the pink slice. Take down the illuminations. No celebratory cheesy chips. Hold the cowies. We are in trouble. If you missed our journey to the centre of the Earth last week, here it is. So, we can absolutely score goals, at times plenty. But every formation we’ve tried at present, we’ve got more leaks than a greengrocer. The table looks terrifying.

Spurs, Derby, Blackburn and Everton are amongst our next 5 opponents. If that isn’t an opportunity to get back up the table then what is? We make an attempt to shore up the defence but it fails.

We get beyond Hartlepool in the FA Cup, the board feel it is a ‘good result’. That is telling. Then the Spurs game arrives, and we continue to pick up red cards. That said, it’s a bloody win!

At Everton, there is another red, but its not for us. Oster punishing his old club.

We get poor Howard the sack. He was a lame duck…

Another Oster masterclass sees us bag three more points. What is happening here?!?!

We can smell 7th place.

This is a problem.

This is life changing.

20 months of injuries in his career so far. Give up son. We bring in some cover on the cheap.

We draw with Division Three Bournemouth in the FA Cup. Woeful, but I’d not be fussed about losing. Wenger taking over at PSG and really looking for a top ‘keeper…

Dirty Leeds nick a late equaliser. We remain defensively frail.

We lose to Bournemouth in the replay as I field a weakened side. I’m not counting that against the run. FFS.

We pick up an excellent result in the big Derby, but we could really have done without that red. We’re like having the skids. Dirty.

Ed De LOL has a mare and the run goes on. This is absolutely waxa!

Carter-off. This is bad, he’s been a critical player since joining with goals and assists galore.

Jody Craddock will have to step in at the back. I don’t trust Brown anymore. Wow!

Not wow…

Are we running a football club or a fight club? Bloody hell. We adjust to cope with the threat of Rosler and, we don’t keep him out, but we keep the run going!

The board are happy. There will be jaffa cakes back in the biscuit tin at half-time.

We finish this save against 20th placed Palace at home. It would seem like the sort of game for this run to end, especially with 20-goal Saha out suspended.

Oster comes back and picks up a booking he could do without. Don is making the central role his own, finally finding form. I am now happy to look at the table:

That said, 7th is still the target. There’s no way we can win the bragging rights given we are 11 points behind Newcastle. Well, that was a turn up for the books wasn’t it? I’m not sure why or how our form has turned around. Weaver came back in and we’ve stuck to 3 at the back – maybe Kevin Ball is just too old now and needs to sit it out? We’ll be back next week for the final run-in and see if we can get over the line 7th or higher. By now in reality Sunderland had fallen to 9th after a woeful run of form and were two games away from finding their first win since 18th December. We can still beat Peter’s win ratio, but there’s a hard road ahead. See you next time marras!

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