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Here’s Philip with the Beveren run-in. Is another trophy laden season on the cards?

Hallo allemaal!

Happy Saturday everybody! I am glad spring has finally arrived. Also with the Beveren Boys it’s the end of winter and the lads are preparing themselves for the finale of Season 7. We’re in pole position, but similar to last season Standard is very close and we’ll fight together for the title. We suffered a first round Cup exit, so our supporters will accept nothing less but three-peat.

We start today’s blog with the Champions League Quarter Finals, where we face last year winners Borussia MGB. We start like a rocket and they’re lucky it’s only 0-1 at half time. I once heard that football is a simple game, and at the end the Germans win. The latter part of that statement is true, but not the first. If football were a simple game, we would have never lost. Anyhow, we were the better team so it gives us perspective!

At domestic level we start at Germinal Ekeren. They’re actually having a pretty good season so far and they are currently battling for a European ticket, but they are powerless against our high-speed train.

Anderlecht appointed Guus Hiddink before the winter break as new head coach, but so far he hasn’t been able to do a lot of magic. They’re only 4th and the Cup is their only chance for silverware. I am already in Season 7 so I should have known better. The game engine suddenly gives him a few additional sparks and he finds a way to derail us. Standard takes full advantage and jump to 1st position.

Lineker may have confined his previous version to history, but in here it still holds. Football is a simple game where 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win. In our case, 1-3 on aggregate to be precise. We deserved more, but it doesn’t buy us anything.

The lads feel frustrated with the CL exit. They release their frustration in the next match and put up a fantastic performance against Antwerp. We feel no pity nor remorse.

Time now for Belgium’s next match. Last week we wiped France’s ass: 5-1. Can we do the same against Italy? Plain and simple: no. In every aspect of the game they are the far better team.

Back to the league now where we face Waregem. It’s an even match and we have to be satisfied with a point. I don’t like it, but on the other hand it is good to see our new top regen Massaux (Albert) is getting better and better.

Deinze, poor Deinze. Not sure how these guys made it to the First Division, but I am pretty sure it is going to be a 1-year experience.

Next we travel to Charleroi. Do I love second-half come backs with a happy ending!! After the match Van Meir (Preud’homme) announces drinks are on him this evening. They only had 2 shots on goal and scored twice, but the lads gladly accept his apology. Lierse upsets Standard and we reclaim 1st position!

Kortrijk is next and as expected we add another 3 points to our total. We easily score goals, but not tonight. It’s too embarrassing to add a screenshot of the number of attempts we needed to score twice.

For the title it’s gonna be either us or Standard. In the Cup Final, it’s gonna be either Anderlecht or Club Brugge. Well, it’s probably not going to be too much of a fight as I am sure you remember who the last 6 Cup Finals ended.

Harelbeke is next. During the first half Bistrussu (Verschelde) comes to me and says: “Have they shrinked the goals?” No you idiot, that’s because you’re air balling all of your shots. Luckily we explode in the second half and get a 4-0 win. Standard loses again! Are they cracking under the pressure?

Our matches against France and Italy were a good indicator to see where we are already. Now it’s time to score some goals! Or, we could also play a terrible match and only manage to get the win in the final minutes of the game. The lads choose the latter.

In the game Emmers is a star player that you absolutely have to get. The same goes for his regen (in our case Cannaerts). He’s coming to full maturity in his second season. If you don’t believe me, ask Lokeren.

Anderlecht wins at Sclessin and that means Standard have now lost 3 in a row. There are still 3 matches to go, but the title is ours if we win our next match against RWDM.

Three of a kind is the key expression for today’s blog. Standard’s three losses in a row eliminated them in the title race and paved the way for our third title in a row. We have managed the three-peat!!

Despite all the beer and celebration the lads remain flawless. We end the season with 90 points, our highest total ever.

Club Brugge wins the Belgian Cup. I know, Uma Thurman would have said it a zillion times better than me, but hey, what did you expect?

How shall we prepare and get ready for the 2004 European Championship? With a few meaningless Belgian friendlies!

Who for sure wasn’t ready, is Italy. They draw the opening match of the tournament against Czech Republic.

They won’t even make it to the next round, and they are not the only ones.

Who would have expected these finalists?

12 years before their real-life victory, Portugal wins the 2004 European Championship! And yes are right, they are in our 2006 WC qualifying group…

The award goes to … Savio for becoming the top scorer of the league. We had a great attack this season, but he managed to score more goals then Bistrussu (Verschelde) and Abeels (Nilis)!

That’s it for today! What a great season it has been. Our third title in a row more than compensated our first round exit in the Cup. In the Champions League we reached our goal and got to the Quarter Final for the first time, but the lads are hungry for more!

Next week we will kick off Season 8. Has Marc Degryse finally retired? Stay tuned and have a lovely weekend!

Tot volgende week!

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