The Unexpected Champions – Part 9 | @Verbist_Philip

It’s the weekend! It might be the International break but there’s no rest for Philip as he looks to secure another title for Lierse…

Hallo allemaal!

Let’s get your weekend started with the final part of Season 3 with our not-so-unexpected-anymore champions Lierse. We won the title in our first 2 seasons and are in pole position to go for 3 in a row.

What’s missing so far on our record is the Cup. We have reached the semis last year, but that’s as far as we got. We are currently in quarter final, but with a trip to Sclessin the draw didn’t exactly give us the easy road. We start well and Lokonda opens the score after just 3 minutes. We are in control for most of the game, but everything turns upside down in 2 minutes when they first equalise and then take the lead. We can’t recover from this setback and also this season we will not win the Cup. Damn!

Au revoir Rémi. My expectations were high and you were never really able to live up to it.

I am frustrated we let the Cup slip away that easily and they lads try to cheer me up with a strong win against Kortrijk.

Lilian marks twice for the first time, but cannot prevent RWDM keeps us to a draw.

Our leading goal scorer out for a couple of weeks. Do you think you can handle the pressure Lilian and fill the void?

Club Brugge is next. They’re a difficult opponent, but Lilian takes them by surprise with an early opener. With 6 goals in 6 matches, he is definitely ready.

Another emerging player is the Mark Hughes regen (Watkin). He is the driving force in our 0-2 win against Aalst. I am confident he can play an important role in our final 2 seasons, and I am planning on starting him whenever he is fit.

Our Chilean star Esteban is again on the injury list so for now there are no VALENCIAA cheers from our home crowd. Kanchelskis takes full advantage. And Lilian? He keeps on scoring and is now 8 for 8.

Frustration seems to get the best out of our Russian winger. He recently demanded a transfer as Esteban is keeping him on the bench. He gets another perfect record in our 1-3 win over Germinal. If you continue playing like that, no way you are going to get a transfer Andrei.

VALENCIAA! He is back and immediately shows how important he is. That number 7 position is mine and nobody else’s Andrei!

A classic Cup Final awaits us at the end of the season.

The team is on a roll and we grab our 6th win in a row against Waregem. Injuries or suspensions have no effect, we have more than sufficient depth in the team to compensate. And Lilian? He is already 11 for 11.

Lommel, beware, the Russians are coming! 2 31-year old veterans to be precise.

Despite our great run, Anderlecht manages to keep the difference to 6 points. There are 4 games left and it’s going to be an exciting finale!

It must be a cold spring: all of a sudden nearly half of the squad is out with the flu. Lucky for us it happens during the international break!

Pino Sala (Del Piero) is back! I am moving him to the support line and he immediately gives an assist to both Lillian and Lokonda.

Fueled by their Dutch armada (Van Wattum, van Gastel, Van Hoogdalem, Bosman, Van Vossen & Van Loen!) Anderlecht manages to derail our high-speed train and reduces the gap to 3 points with 2 matches to play.

1 goal is enough for 3 valuable points! Anderlecht draws and we are again CHAMPIONS!!! But in all my enthusiasm I didn’t take a screen print of the title message *chuckles*.

In our last match of the season we cruise past Mechelen. I am actually quite happy with the team I have built. It’s balanced and we have good players on the bench. But will it be sufficient to finally survive the CL Group Stage?

This are the final standings.

This year there is no need to be afraid of yet another stadium increase.

Anderlecht finishes the season empty-handed and it’s Standard that wins the Cup!

So long Jack! You did well, but with Lilian joining, he moved to 4th choice.

There are no interesting free bargains to pick up so we move straight to the European Championship. Belgium didn’t qualify so we’ll support Neca, who is our only representative in the tournament. He plays just 1 match and Portugal doesn’t make even it to the 2nd Round.

In the Final the Italians are victorious.

Esteban Valencia. What would we do without him? He scores, he gives assists, he is our most crucial player.

Our financial situation goes from bad to worse…

Lokonda wins the most important domestic award of the year as we advance to season 4…

… and at the very end of the update, the board makes up for their expansion drift and give us a well-needed capital injection. DANK U!

What will season 4 have in store? If we want to win the Champions League by the end of season 5, making it past the Group Stage should be our number 1 goal! Who can we convince to join the squad on our Champions League mission?

Stay tuned and have a lovely weekend. Tot volgende week!

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