The Unexpected Champions – Part 13 | @Verbist_Philip

Hallo allemaal!

Welcome to our 5th and final season around the Zimmer tower in the city of Lier. We became the hot spot of Belgian football after 5 consecutive titles. Except when we hear the word “Cup”, that’s when we start shivering a bit.

But that’s the past. Dream big, especially when the world is called cm9798. A treble, how sweet would that be. Are you ready for a Mission Impossible? I am. And the lads are as well.

We have a top striker called Lilian Compan. He should give us goals. Last season a few excellent regens came to surface: Klews (Matthaus), Jesus (Nadal) and last but not least Dadason (Gudjohnsen). If you want to join the team, you’ll have to be a top player.

There is only one spot we absolutely need to fill and that’s a back-up goalie for my childhood hero Filip De Wilde. Welcome Ernst (regen of Andreas Kopke).

Our reputation has grown compared to last season, that’s clear. But there is not the star quality I am looking for. On the other hands there a are a few world-class regens available. I cannot resist (should we play more than 5 seasons??)! Welcome Francisco (regen of Fernando Gomez Colomer). Not the most well-known Spanish player in the game, but a regen I often go for.

And if Colomer is good, this one is even better. One of my all-time favourite regens the game has to offer: Jean-Pierre Papin. He started his career in France, but it’s actually at Club Brugge where he had his break-through. After just 1 season Marseille got him to France.

That should do, no? Errr, not quite. Only 5K for those stats? I’d be stupid not to take that chance. Welcome Velijko (Sinisa Mihailovic).

When you keep getting offer after offer for a player, you know one thing for sure: do not let him go under any circumstances. This is the biggest offer we received. Thanks, but no thanks.

Sometimes you find top regens very close to home. Welcome Arjan (Danny Blind).

This draw should get us to the CL Group Stage (sorry Deano!).

We’re all set to get the season started. But I am making 1 very important change. I move Dadason (Gudjohnsen Junior) to the position where I prefer playing him, which means Neca moves 1 line up. That leaves the Nr 10 position. Paul (Mark Hughes), you get the final spot in my Starting XI, do not let me down.

We love winning Super Cups. But fair is fair: Oostende made it more difficult than it looks like.

With 4 goals Watkin is the engine in our thrashing of his countrymen. Ouch!

In the league we start a little bit less dominant. But it’s a win.

Neca is enjoying his role as an attacker: MoM and already his 3rd goal of the season.

We’re good, but that doesn’t mean we are invincible.

13-0 on aggregate: I guess we are ready for the CL Group Stage!

This is promising! This may very well be the best draw we ever got.

Lads, how can you completely lose it against an opponent like Aalst? Thank God we still have Watkin (with an aggression of 20!) to lead the way.

Against Mechelen Neca is again on fire. But my attention goes to Watkin: another goal and his value is increasing rapidly.

Lilian keeps on scoring. If it isn’t Compan (suspended), Laslandes takes over.

We start the CL Group Stage on the road in Istanbul with an easy win.

Sint-Truiden played so poorly at home that their fans started cheering for us.

Lads, shall we do something funny? We’ll give them a early 0-1 lead. Then we’ll start our comeback.

Talking of unexpected champions: Montpellier won the title in France last season. I don’t mind. I prefer playing them than for example Marseille or PSG.

Waregem is a good example of how our season is going: we dominate, but somehow I have the feeling we concede goals easier than last season.

Lokonda is back again! Sorry my friend, I cannot just bench either Lilian or Paul for the moment! Your chance will come.

That’s it for today. Where does that leave us in the standings? We share the lead with, no surprise, Anderlecht. That should be an interesting duel!

Can we continue this form? And more importantly: can we continue our winning streak in the CL Group Stage and go for our best result ever? Stay tuned!

Enjoy your weekends! Tot volgende week!

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