Out of the Box Barnsley – Part 6: Four horse race

Hello! Welcome, welcome. Things are heating up in Barnsley, obviously we’re all gathered around a small heater to save costs but if we can just hold ourselves together, we’re in the middle of a 4 horse title race. I would like that very much. Here’s how it stands:

I find this all very unnerving. We rarely win easily, as demonstrated here against bottom of the table Bolton. Bullock is a lad.

A £12m lad. I don’t think so, Blackburn.

They turn their attention to Kevin Street. He has a big club release, for some reason. Well he’s an England Under 21 International but we’re playing European football for goodness sake.

Spurs clearly trying to eliminate their competition.

Meanwhile, we win at Stamford Bridge thanks for a late Hristov goal. Magic.

If Street’s off I’d like to bolster my striking options. One day I want to move to two strikers. Joseph Desire Job looks useful, but then so does every single player in the French league.

A boring 0-0 with Everton checks our progress.

Rejected? Oh well.

Defeat at Highbury is a shame. They’re down in 10th.

10 games to go, well for us. Everybody else has 11 or 12. Problems mounting.

Ah yes we’re still in Europe. Not for much longer – Spurs are too good for us and we’ve got a mountain to climb in the return leg.

We ease to victory over Villa thanks to a pair of Bullock’s but our penalty woes continue as Marty becomes the latest to miss from the spot.

This isn’t good. Forest complete the double over us despite their lowly league position.

We are punching ourselves out of this title race.

The woe continues in Europe, Michael Thomas effectively sending us packing.

£1m for Keith Gillespie is a steal. In theory. Another option for us.

We just about beat Pompey. Injury proneness 20 accounts for Keith early on but Job’s first goal for the club sees us to victory despite the efforts of Soccer Saturday’s Paul Walsh.

The fixtures are a mess with various postponements for European/FA Cup involvement. It’s all catching up with Fergie.

Somehow we now have a game in hand but 5 points behind those pesky Spurs.

This won’t help.

Three goals in 21 minutes get us three vital points. Casper’s season is over though, three months with Stinky & Stretch beckons for him.

Wimbledon are dispatched. Good win.

Everton have joined the party. I’m nervous.

Villa do the world a favour and blow the race wide open.

We can’t really afford to slip up but it looks like Jim Quinn is going to cost us. Luckily Borbiconi pops up with a last minute header to down Liverpool. Phew.

Meanwhile, the other part of Merseyside is getting involved…

We go to Spurs two days later and at 1-0 down it’s curtains. But then…

Shocking…to who?

Well, if we win both our remaining games, we’re going to win the Premier League.

Spoiler: We didn’t win both remaining games.

So Leeds are out. Three remain. We have Blackburn then we’ll worry about the rest later.

Aaahhhhhhhh this lot are killing me. Hristov yet again comes up with the clutch to keep us in the mix.

Big Al! His goal secures us Champions League football at least.

For 78 minutes at Villa Park it’s 0-0. I guess in real time we weren’t winning ath that point in time but we were a winner away. Tommy Boyd gets sent off, some guy called Werni scores the pen and Eoin Jess seals it. And to think, I disparaged his signing.

Confirmation that we will at least get to play a Champions League qualifier.

Neil Sullivan of Rochdale. I have some questions. PFA Young Player of the Year is a lad.

The board decide more people are going to want to watch this and I hope they are right.

This is our marquee signing. Not many seem keen to actually join us but Signori is worth his weight in set pieces.

Big news in Liverpool, King Kev!

I do hope you’ll join us for season 3 as we look to make Barnsley a force. We’re getting there, I think. Let’s nerd out.

Was he always this good?

Firstly, let’s look at Signori. I don’t class this as cheating as I’ve already signed him plus we’re 2 seasons in so he’s probably declined given his age.

Original version:


His move to Sampdoria allowed him to play centrally, something he won’t be able to do for me. Probably an oversight but we’ll see.

A club who really benefitted from the patch was Fulham. In the original, they are bland.

And potless…

Fast forward to 2.93 and the squad is full of life, or at the very least Brevett, Bracewell, Pesch, Coleman and Tony Thorpe.

Interestingly, at least to me, the tmdata displays differently in the patch. Not sure if that’s relevant but Fulham now have many monies.

Thus ends the nerd session. Until next week!

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