CD Dons – Episode 21: Big Bad Barry | @Emsonite

It’s that wonderful time of the week where we welcome Deano’s band of thugs back. In even better news, he’s in the market for a lunatic…

Last week we were skint, only spending a total of £5k on ‘Big Bad’ Barry Blake. This week we’re still skint, which is a shame because a certain lunatic is interested in coming to CD Dons.

Edmundo is available for £7.5m and with these stats he would fit right in.

We’re about £6m short though.

No-one wants to buy our players. We’ve got plenty of money in assets if we can offload a few.

Until then, we’ll have to make do with what we got.

First up this week it’s the Drunken Environmentalists. Big Bad Barry injures Villena and gets himself on the score sheet. Sibi then goes off injured with no-one around him to equal it up on the green front. We’re heading for a 4-1 win on yellows but then they go get a 90th minute red card, the sneaky bastards.

Eco-Warriors really are twats. Sibi pulled his hammy and is out for 2 weeks. Wimp.

Valladolid are up next and super sub Mauricio gets a late winner.

Champions League time! We’re up against Club Brugge. Big Bad Barry does the damage once again as we secure +6 on the Thug-o-Meter. It’s double points in Europe if you remember.

Couto gets 10/10. Standard.

The deadline passes and we do zero business. Mike Ashley would be proud.

I forgot to get a picture of our next match but we played our rivals Espanyol and smash them all over the park. Unfortunately, Big Alan Shearer went off injured so we had to settle for 6-6 draw and -1 on the Thug-o-Meter.  Good signs as the Little Shit got a yellow on his first appearance of the season after his 6 game ban and trip to Pontins.

Back to Champions League and we travel to Poland. Blake gets another 2 goals but Warsaw dish out a hefty 4-1 loss on yellows. – 6 ouch.

Nick Rowes Basque Boys are up next and we smashed them 4-0 on yellow. 2 more goals from Big Bad Barry Blake.

We follow this up with a 2-1 win over Deportivo. Blake gets another card and goal. He’s un-droppable now.

Spanish Capital darlings Real Madrid come to the Benalmadena Arena and it’s a 1-1 draw on both fronts. CM Legend Viktor Onopko gets a 90th minute equaliser, the twat.

Last game of this update is away to Benfica in the Champions League.

Hooray! an injury of note caused by the Moldovan Maniac, Rebeja. We’re heading for a defeat then Sibi engages in some twattery of his own with a 89th minute equaliser. It’s an equaliser that we really didn’t deserve.

First tattoo of the season. Rebeja’s injury infliction earns one lucky punter a free visit to INKredibles. Nathan is a big nature fan and Steve Irwin is his idol

Strewth. Look at the size of that croc! (cheers @FMCM_FC for the pic)

We’re 3rd in La Liga and joint top of our Champions League Group. In pretty good shape.

Just before we go let’s appreciate Big Bad Barry Blake who’s had a great start to his CD Dons Career.

A bargain signing at £5k, to prove the age old saying that money isn’t everything.  It’s mostly poor people who say that though.

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