Out of the Box Barnsley – Part 11: Macc Attack

Well hello there. Season 4 got off to a reasonable start if you look at our form in isolation. However, we’re already 14 points adrift because Newcastle have decided to win 12 out of 12. Can we reel them in? We’ve got our work cut out to try and go a step further than finishing second.

As a reminder if you’re just joining this save, we’re playing the original out of the box version. It doesn’t really explain why Man Utd think this is a good idea.

It’s swiftly declined and Watson thanks me by saving a penalty in a 1-0 win in the Pointless Cup – Beppe with the goal.

What we know can happen on this game, regardless of version, is that you have a game where you feel you can’t lose, dominate and lose 3-0. I have no explanation.

Naturally the follow up to that result is to win in Kiev. Shovkovskij will be the Ukraine goalkeeper for another 30 years or more.

We go to Goodison and come away with a useful point. Everton think Bakayoko would be good for them one day…

Wimbledon are absolutely battered. Sometimes, it all comes together.

Barrera is coming into his own. He scores all four here as we dismantle Partizan. 6 goals in 4 days is an exceptional return.

Arsenal fail to beat Kiev and we’re through with a game to spare.

The Gunners’ misery continues with a home defeat to Barrera. The Chilean might be in the best form of anybody I’ve ever had.

A messy night in the League Cup sees us fall 2-0 behind to Sheffield Wednesday. Bakayoko and that man Barrera recover us to extra time but in amongst Hayden Mullins being sent off and Signori missing the penalty. We go 3-2 behind straight away only for Barrera to equalise again. Penalties.

Obviously Barrera scores but nobody else does and Watson gets nowhere near their penalties. What a night…

I’m not sure we deserved to lose. Sometimes I wonder why David Watson is the England number one.

Anyway, back to business and Blackburn are brushed aside.

Well that makes sense. But no.

I can rotate the entire squad for a dead rubber with Arsenal. Yes, that is James Scowcroft. We lose, nobody cares.

Confirmation that we are through.

This could have been worse…

We come from behind to beat Villa. This is the richest form imaginable.

I can’t speak highly enough of the front two. The B team. The Hive. I like the Hive. Not the Hives, although hate to say I told you so was a banger. Gary Breen tries to join in but gets stung.

Barrera scores for an 8th consecutive game as we see off the wilting Man Utd. They are slipping towards the relegation zone and we do nothing to help them. Oliver Kahn is hopeless when you take him out of Munich.

I’m very sick of Sheff Wed. Should I buy Michael Oakes just to derail them? Maybe.

It’s a goalfest in Cardiff as we book a spot in round 4 with only mild alarm. They had 10 men for 88 minutes, so pick the bones out of that. That is Vinny Samways though, if you’re wondering.

I did say they were wilting…

A disappointing draw against West Ham, who play ultra defensive from the start. Craig Forrest is surprisingly useful.

I’m a bit worried Sheff Wed have taken our mojo but thankfully Bakayoko turns it around in the second half.

Cambridge is a kind FA Cup draw and the lads do a professional job of booking a home tie with Oxford or Hull. I smell a quarter final.

We finish with another goalless draw. Curse you Chelsea.

All of that leaves us 3rd. 1 point from second and 15 off the pace. How has it come to this?

Man Utd are 16th. Even Villa being 18th is interesting. The battle at the bottom should be good fun next week.

We had a great run of form there but ended up dropping a place in the table. We did make it to the quarters of the Champions League and the fifth round of the FA Cup so it’s not all bad news. Let’s see if we can secure some trophies next week. Toodles for now!

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