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It’s the last day of February and it’s barely a coincidence but it’s the last update of season one here for Andrew. Can he secure the title?

Willkommen! Thanks to me forgetting the reduced size of the Bundesliga, this will be a relatively short close to the season. If you missed the last part, you can catch up here. We remain top by the slimmest of margins:

In a game of Pigs vs. Wolves, it’s all ham.

David Brown however had a bad day at the office, picking up not much more than a yellow card. Oh s***.

At least our German youngsters are being recognised. I doubt Brown will ever get a call up playing in Germany.

The frauds are looking to conquer Europe. Hopefully it’s a distraction too far.

Zitelli is stupidly good. Infuriatingly good.

You don’t say.

That narrows the gap further. I can’t bear it.

In a turn up for the books, we get some call ups. Kmetsch again getting attention for being bang average.

With the gap in the league so narrow, I check out how it is going to pan out. Uh-oh.

No doubt it will be a final day showdown. Not good. The good news keeps rolling in:

At least there is a man to rely on when you’re unger pressure.

And just as we feel we might make some breathing space, one of those final moment of the game scheißhaus things happens.

Brown the big culprit again. He’s having an end of season wobble. More great news:

At home to Schalke, things start dreadfully until a short second half spell gets us where we need to be. Troche and Brown on the sheet.

And there it is, all setup for a grande finale.

Thankfully Gravesen is back so we can at least patch up centre back and put Unger on the wing. Legs like jelly. I cannot take this one bit.

It turns out to be a complete bore fest as neither of us dare to be too committed to the charge.

We Sporl their day and make ours wunderbar. I’d have preferred a goal from Brown but hey, we’ve just won the Bundesliga in season one!

The press call it a shock defeat. They can kiss my hairy behind. Here’s the final table.

Brown almost dents a fairly solid top 5 of goal scorers. Except the big fraud who is only there on European goals.

Brown led the line on both goals and assists.

Oh and just for the laughs:

Somehow, despite Brown’s epic season at 19, Nehrbauer gets the PFA Young Player of the year award for about 10 appearances and 3 assists.

And alas, we come to the end of the first season of The Keegan-Burger. We’ve had a good first crack at getting a good squad around Brown. Hopefully next season we can grab some additional silverware and get a few more goals out of the lad. Auf wiedersehen!

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