Cup Winners Cup9798 – Week 5: A Wise Move | @RossBell__

Welcome back loyal reader thanks for joning me on another adventure through the trials and tribulations of CWCM. It’s another wild week so lets get going!

First up this week is Semi final cup action, Semi final ….. week 5. Scotland is mental, Anyway Nath’s Lazio have really started to click and see of Zaks PSG team with realtie ease.

Our other semi final is slightly more dramatic, Andews Sampdoria team, yep you read that right have made the semi final. They were 2 down at HT and all seemed lost but a change in formation plus Deanos lads losing their heads mean it ends 3-3 at FT a frankly pointless ET period follows before the 9th and vital pen is missed by Amoruso and Fergie JR slots home the final pen to send Man U through.

On the the league and two teams we’ve already seen kick us off with precious points at stake. After their heroics in the cup just a few days before Lazio’s firepower proves too much to stand as Nath’s lad secure a 4-0 victory.

A more cagy affair next see’s a shock victory for Deans depleted Man U side against Nicks faultering Barca boys. That man Robins again with the deciding goal.

From one extreme to another this week as we get a 8 goal thriller between Zak and Matt, unfortunatley for Matt he only gets 3 of the 8, so if you maths whizzs are follwoing along that means Zaks PSG scored the other 5. See kids Maths can be fun.

Parma v Werder Bremen is the tie you’re all waiting for I can tell by the total lack of any feedback on twitter or the comments. 3-0 to Parma is the final score as Tino finds his shooting boots.

Arsenal get a measure of revenge for that ’95 CWC final as they batter Zaragoza 5-0 in this one, that’ll teach Nayim to show off.

Barca v Sampdoria is a mismatch on paper and also in reality as it turns out as Barca nick a 2-1 win thanks to Roger, you all remember Roger right?!

My Parma lads take on Deans decimated by red cards and injuries Man U. 1-0 down after 2 mins is never an ideal start we do level through Melli before McClair reminds me that i cant have nice things. 2-1 to The Scum, sorry Man U.

Lazio and PSG play out a 0-0 draw, a rarity in our league and honestly i cant remember even a single bit of commentary appearing in this one

Oh good god its spreading 2 Nil Nils in a row is unheard of it could of been a famous victory for Bremen had Bode not fluffed his lines and scored his penalty, coincidentaly Gunner Sauer was sent off for Bremen against Arsenal, Suspicious no?

1 up at HT and its all going well for the absent Rob against Matt but then Matt makes a wise move and switches some things around which totally change the game with the final score being 4-1 to Chelsea.

Dispite John Jensens best efforts theres just no stopping Mark Hughes in this alternate reality and he kills off Arsenal in what has proved to be a bad week for Phillip.

In front of a packed out Stamford bridge Bremen do their best to keep it close and try and nick a late goal instead its Zola that does the nicking and steals all 3 points for Chelsea.

If its 4-0 at HT in a game then the last thing you really need is for both of your Centre Backs to be sent off in the same minute, unfortuntly thats exactly what happens to Rob here and 4-0 becomes 6-2

I play Barcalona next and things go about as wel as can be expected with a 4-2 loss Not really got anyhting else to say about that, Sorry.

Andrew is in vital need of some points to stop from being cut away at the bottom of the table. he needs to settle for just the one this week thanks to a draw with Zaks PSG side. 1 is better than 0 but worse than 3. Maths!

Finally for this week is more Cup Semi final action, Like i said earlier Scotland is mental our final will seee Nick taking on Dean

And with that we are done for another week, a quick glance at the table shows a clear divide already occuring.

Thats all for this week, See you next time.

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