Cup Winners Cup9798 – Week 6: Virtual Insanity  | @RossBell__

Welcome back to your Thursday fix of CM 9798 goodness, lets not mess about this week with a pithy intro and get straight into the action.

The absent Nick takes on the absent Phil in this thrilling encounter, 1-0 to the Arsenal as the song used to go. God I bet arsenal fans wish for those days to return.

Dean v Matt next in an all EPL affair, Matt is very quickly losing patience with this Chelsea team and to be fair i can see why. On paper they look strong but in reality well this virtual reality they’re just rubbish, like Jay Kays hats. 5-1 and the customary 10 for Steve Bruce.

Next up we have an all Italian affair which ends in a 1-1 draw between myself and our host of the game for the week Andrew a vital point for Sampdoria.

Chaos is the order of the day in our next game between Dave and Nath a fuirly standard 2-1 lead at half time turns in to a 5-4 loss for Lazio in this one, Something about Lent and Easter i dunno.

The absent Rob takes on the Absent Zak in this one. a standard 1-1 draw with not a lot else to report to be honest.

I get to pleasure of taking on Arsenal next, Paul Davis with winner obviously. 1-0 again to the Arsenal.

Next up this week is more chaos as Barcelona rock up Stamford Bridge and Ronaldo has a wonderful time netting a hat trick. Kevin Hitchcock was given a chance in this one after Ed De Goey was dropped because frankly hes been terrible. Kevin doesn’t do himself any favours.

On to Rome where Deans Man U continue to steam roll the opposition thats 10 he’s scored tonight Steve Bruce along with getting a 10 whilst playing as sweeper keeper also pops up and scores just to rub it in a bit.

The grind continues for Dave but after a famous victory over Lazio earlier are things starting to turn for the Bremen boys. That man Van Lent again resurrecting Bremen at a vital stage of the season.

Having just played each other in the league Nath gets to face the Man u Buzz-saw again this time in the Challenge cup final. A cup final in November, Only in Scotland. 3-0 this time as Dean takes home the first silverware of he season.

Apparently the old 1-0 to the Arsenal only works if you have 11 men on the pitch, An early red card to Andy Linighan sees Andrew make light work of the previously formidable men from North London.

I said last week that things were beginning to click for Nath and his Lazio lads, I feel partially responsible for things that have happened since. 3 games 3 losses so far this week as Barcelona do just enough to compound Nath’s misery.

The rest of the league may have to band togehter and veto this keeper-less formation Dean is using, Or all start using it ourselves as he cant be stopped dispute PSG’s best efforts in this one.

Matt makes wholesale changes before this game against me, thankfully they have little effect as i take home a 4-1 win even Brolin scores.

Bremen’s fairy tale week comes to an end coincidentally as Dave arrives late to the zoom call to actually manage them……. 1-0 to the Zaragoza just doesn’t work though.

By this point of the evening Matt is ready for the zoom call to just envelop him to put an end to his disastrous week. When Lee Dixon is netting against your team you know things are bad.

Nath’s bad week finally turns thanks to me and my terrible defenders. 4-1 and even with 10 men for 30 mins i can’t do anything to stop them.

PSG love a red card thats something I’ve come to realise this week. playing against ’97 Barca is hard enough with 11, with 10 its almost impossible Amor (roll the R) nicks it late on.

This Bode well for Dave early in this one but Andrew makes a few half time changes and Sampdoria kill of the game in the second half.

And finally for this week we have just enough time for one more team to be hammered by Man U, it’s Zaragoza’s turn and again its 5-0. Somebody stop this man!

A final look at the table sees Man U top and somewhat surprisingly Barcelona in 2nd who’ve quietly efficient for weeks now. The divide between the top 5 and bottom 5 has vanished thankfully as Bremen even with 2 wins this week sit at the bottom of the table.

PHEW! that was a big update, join me again next week and thanks for reading.

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