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Good morning! We’ve got a treat for you this bank holiday weekend – Andrew has been hard at work building a new league for you to enjoy…

Well, hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. And having recruited the assistance of @CharleMagne9798 and @ManagerOld I’ve been able to take things a little step further. Also, big nod to the ‘Northern Ireland Football Players Directory 1998/99’ which was a comprehensive list of players, positions, dates of birth and histories of c. 600 players.

We’ve not just brought players into the Northern Irish League, but also other clubs. The biggest profile being the addition of David Healy at Man Utd. As if they don’t already have enough players in the game.

To make room we’ve wiped all retired players from the DB and all players at ‘Minor Club’ who had ‘0’ for ability and potential whilst also removing similar players form ‘Free Transfer’ at some of the more minor nations (e.g., Thailand).

The league we’ve traded out is Portugal. On the advice from my mentors, this league is easily manipulated, and the number of teams is not hard coded – there is an impact that there don’t appear to be any FGN players when doing this…one that ‘might’ be resolved at a later date. Spoiler: due to the game structure, the clubs only play each other twice so; Premier Division finishes in January, First Division in November. Due to this, I’ve attached a second version that follows the pre-1996 structure of the Northern Irish league with 18 top division sides and a second tier of non-league sides.

In these cases, only a handful of teams in Division B have a decent or full squad of players. You’ll notice we’ve linked Republic of Ireland…this is why:

A full squad for Derry City who compete in the League of Ireland. All menus reflect the new structure.

Other is the NI Charity Shield. I’ve benched the clubs and players in line with mediocre English First Division clubs and players mostly. If anything, to make the game more playable as, if you’ve ever tried to play with players of ability at 30-40 it can be painful, and you’ll never progress.

In the Premier Division the clubs from C-G are the big hitters. Crusaders enter the Champions League preliminary stage, Coleraine the UEFA Cup and Glenavon the Cup Winners Cup.

In the First Division Newry and Bangor would be the big sides, whilst Ballyclare have a formidable front pairing. Carrick used about 55 players in real life, ending up relegated.

So, if you want to have a go, get downloading!


Important Note: Only the 16mb exe has been edited to be able to play the Northern Irish League. Running the 8mb game won’t work.

Traditional League Structure (short seasons) here

Pre-1996 League Structure (longer seasons) here

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