Cup Winners Cup9798 – Week 8:Shenanigans  | @RossBell__

Week 8 already! I missed this weeks live action due to an 8 year olds birthday party, Don’t worry it was my own daughters. Be a bit weird otherwise, Lets find out what happened together.

The image of two tramps fighting over a sandwhich crust comes to mind when i see my team take on Dave’s team, Sorry Dave. Anyway somehow we won 3-0 thanks to Tino finding some form. Bumper crowd!

Nath’s Lazio are so up and down, they manage to sneak past Andrews Sampdoria 1-0 thanks to Roberto Mancini bagging in the 25th min.

According to the dates after finishing ourr home game to Bremen we hopped on a flight to Barcelona and unsurprisingly lost 4-2 and had our best centre back sent off, Tino got 2 more though so thats something.

No Paul Davis, No problem. Merson is more than enough to fill the great mans boots. Someone finally beats Deano!

Again after losing to Nath in Sampdoria (is that a real place) Andrews boys hopped on to a flight to Paris and managed to beat the locals 4-3.

A ding dong battle between Dave and Matt ends with a late winner from Van Lent. A fighting performance from Matt’s Chelsea lads though will no doubt please him a little.

Zaragoza’s defence have no answer to the strike power of Lazio here, Salas and Boksic do the damage here.

Look out everyone because Arsenal are hitting their stride right at the right time. Pizzi scoring an og wont cant have helped matters for Barca but 2 more from Ian Wright handle Barca with ease.

Fresh from the first defeat in forever Man U dismantle Chelsea 4-0 here in a replay of the FA Cup final from a few years back. Rather than Cantona its Hughes doing the business in this one.

Lazio are firing today and Dave is the latest to feel the wrath. Even a goal from the man Nath can’t pronounce caps a good day.

6-2 is a score line that we have seen far too often in this league. Nouma with a hat trick Leeds legend Didier Domi scores along with other legends of the british game, 10 points to ravenclaw if you know which English team Allou played for.

Shenanigans! I’m absent and Andrew whos hosting the games batter me 5-1. If i were an Everton fan I’d be writing to the 97/98 FA for an investigation here. As i can’t I’ll just blame Taffarel the useless bastard.

Finally this week we have the Scottish cup second round. everyone progressed apart from Dave’s Bremen who drew 0-0 with Phil’s Arsenal so will go to a replay. Somehow we also get a replay between Queen of the South and Barcelona……

Anyway that’ll do this week, lets just have a look at the table before we leave. We have anew leader in the shape of Phil’s Arsenal, a ten point gap between 4th and 5th has developed already and just 2 points seperate the bottom 3!

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