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Welcome back to the next instalment of BoBs. That’s right, that’s what I’m calling it. Get used to it! Last time out We kept close enough to the early leaders and endured a torrid first mission in Europe. You can catch-up on what happened and the rules of this save here.

We commence round two of the season at home to Spartak Moscow, who dish us out a complete Champ Man lesson.

Meanwhile, Michael keeps f****** things up for Brian.

Our exceptional form continues at lowly Everton. Madar on the dance floor.

I’m sick to f*** of it, and by it, I mean Ruud Hesp. So, we go ‘keeperless:

And it pays dividends.

Phil Neville puts the Neville’s out and Filippo puts the Inzaghi’s out too. Brutal. We manage to keep it going against Bolton, but another set of brothers are out.

At least we are climbing.

Another tweak of the starters it is.

And Newcastle and Sheff Wed are demolished. I like this no ‘keeper malarky. I really do.

We cruise past Bolton in the League cup, and our reward is another Premier League side in West Ham. Ronald has ruined Frank’s attitude.

In the Champions League, order is restored. Surely this means we’ll make it through? Surely?

Simeone takes Filippo for a mid-season family break.

We scrape past Derby 1-0 and then an unexpected Yorke hattrick ruins our day at home.

Sunday, bloody Sunday blasts out of the training ground speakers.

Chris Sutton puts Blackburn’s only two shots on target, and its another pile of horsemeat. We are not battle ready.

The Champions League is now touch and go. We’ll be relying on a few second placed teams getting beaten or drawing. The good Witschge is shot down too.

Good news is round the corner; Michael is back!

The next few games just click.

Who knew that Jostein Flo would be the goal scoring answer? Our reward? Another Premier League side in the quarterfinals. Liverpool. 20th placed Palace almost ruin our fun.

That result leaves us back to within a whisker of Man Utd.

We’ll close out this update and the Champions League groups. Can we get over the line? Our fate is not in our hands. Another Flo rider gets us going after I shuffle to 4 AMCs after the break. Head in my hands, we only go and bang in a 90th minute winner!

Will it be enough?


We’re off to Spain, Sharpe-ish. We’ll soldier on. It’s not been plain sailing despite having some very good players at our disposal, there’s always the other sibling holding us back. It’s all still recoverable from here. See you next week back in the trenches.

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