The Last Roman – Part 25: Anywhere but Italy! | @FMCM_FC

Hello and welcome back to Rome. We enter season 7 with Totti and the boys at Roma. Last season we fell off in the League to finish 3rd behind champions AC Milan and Juventus. The Coppa Italia was a write off losing to a Serie C team in round 2. We did however win our 2nd UEFA Cup beating Deportivo in the final. So let’s crack on with another season and try for some domestic silverware.

August & September

We have a new strike partner for Totti.

This should be fun hopefully.

It’s a terrible start to the season and once again the UEFA Cup is our solace. We stumble into round 3 of the Coppa Italia getting past Serie B SPAL.

This win over showed just how much we rely on Totti especially at the moment.


So, we draw with Sampdoria in the Coppa Italia but somehow we are knocked out? No idea why. we are currently 9th and 9 points behind leaders Milan. Fowler is useless as well.

Salas comes back in and claims MOTM so he will be keeping Fowler out for now. Totti seems to be in much better form than last season thank god otherwise we would be in serious trouble.


We just cannot get it going this season. The UEFA Cup is going well but we haven’t really played anyone yet.

We finally show a bit of fight after going 1-0 down to Sampdoria. Sansone equalised and Salas bagged the winner in the 87th minute.


December is a write off. We are so poor this season.


Battered by Napoli and Cagliari which is not good enough.

Totti again showing us the way with another hattrick.


Well we were never beating Inter and Juve but promising signs against Genoa and Reggina. The board are very unhappy with our league position so i may be on borrowed time.


We go unbeaten in March. Shame we’ve waited until it’s too late in the season. I must admit the win over Man Utd was hugely unexpected!

Foggia came for a fight. They got no where near Totti. Unplayable in this one.


We have given up in the league. We are 7th and Milan have already won the league comfortably.

We make it to our 2nd consecutive UEFA Cup Final!! We’ve won 2 so far, can we make it a hattrick? We have Juventus in the final which isn’t great to be honest.


IT’S A ROUT!!! Sogaard opens the scoring for Juventus but just before half time Luliano brings Bild down in the box for a penalty. Totti tucks it into the bottom corner. In the second half Totti takes over. Sets up Fowler to give us the lead then scores 2 in 7 minutes to rip the heart out of Juventus. What a man Francesco Totti is!!

We finish 8th in the league which dismal to be honest. Thank god for the UEFA Cup!!

So that’s another season wrapped. That’s 3 UEFA Cups in the bag now, 2 back to back. We are basically the Italian version of Seville. So I’ll say Adios instead of Ciao.

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