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Welcome back to the return of King Kenny and his Lancashticos. If you missed the start of this madness you can catch up here. Another historic squad reunion has started fairly well.

Our 2nd leg in the League Cup is pretty woeful considering we’re top of the Premier League.

But it’s another goal for one half of the SAS so it will do. We follow up with another Desmond.

For Southampton, he’s the boy with a Thorne up their arse as Peter is a pain to opposition to rescue us as SAS go missing. Witschge and Morrison are back from injuries, which is very timely.

Their presence appears to help. Poor old Villa, the latest in a long line of CM9798 clubs falling for the Darren Eadie signing.  A surprise contender leads the goal scorers board…

Chelsea attempt bids for Gallacher and Ripley, why? Who knows? Leicester meanwhile feasts on a diet of Thornes.

It’s good to see he can score in the Premier League, but where have the SAS goals gone??? The big day arrives, hopefully its SAS and not SOS.

Actually, more like WTF.

It keeps us top. We keep plugging on in the League Cup.

Shearer bags a belated 2 goals. Having a f****** holiday Alan? All is forgiven.

Morrison and Witschge are crocked again. FFS. Chelsea now want Mark Atkins, do one. Sutton is next to save the day against Liverpool.

It’s another poor result as Man Utd will just keep on winning this side of Christmas. At least we keep Klinsmann off the score sheet in the next run out.

It’s the boy Thorne again getting us the points as Big Al goes walkies. Penalties don’t count Alan. I’m sick of this s***e. You should be banging them in weekly.

We destroy Palace but look. 6 to 2 and 5 to 2. SAS might become ‘Sold as Seen’ if they don’t buck up.

Another draw. FFS.

And with that, our specialism for drawing means Utd creep back to the top.

On the goal scoring front…Jurgen and Paul are also just ahead of us.

Admittedly Scholes has had more games to get those 20, but he’ll take some catching as the season moves on. I should be happy to be un-beaten but 6 draws are horrific. Please do join us next week to see if we can keep the pace in the league and on the goals front. My money is on Man Utd…

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