Geordie Score – Part 4 : Valencia |@Matt_C_Wills

Merry Thursday. Here’s Matt with some Latino Heat…

Season 1 was a bit of a limp ending for our Latin lovers in part 3. Failure in the Champions League semi-finals and finishing 3rd and having to settle for the Uefa Cup was not on Freddy Shepherds plans when he started his South American revolution. We also missed the opportunity to sign Tino Asprilla on a free. Still, with some money in the coffers, I can go looking for better players….


With a limited pot to piss in, I make use of the free transfer market for the time being. Romario is another star draw, even at his advanced age and the predicted shirt sales might offset the missing Champions League revenue. Either that or Diego will have to release another single….

There’s a few incoming players I’m taking a punt on. Claudio Lopez tells me his cousin Gustavo is decent winger. Claudio’s time in Spain has done nothing to dull his uncanny cockney accent. Must be all the Only Fools and Horses theme bars he’s been hanging around in…

We start with how I mean to go on, with a win and three points

This isn’t what I had in mind. Of course, we’re not the only ones tapping into the unrestricted South American market now…

Ruben and Julio give the home fans something to cheers against Matt Le Tissier’s Southampton.

We’re certainly filling those extra seats Freddy shelled out for….

We’re nothing if not entertaining. I channel my inner King Kev for this one….

Julio saving me from an early season slump behind the Carlsberg hoarding…

FC Balzers? Never heard of them mate. From Liechtenstein but play in Switzerland it seems.

Derby Eranio riot against us last season but no such repeat this time. When you’re hot you’re hot!

Julio comes up trumps again to seal a win at West Ham. It’s tight, but I’ll take it!

This guy turned us down at the start of last season, but now he’s here to show his legend doesn’t precede him

It’s another narrow one against Coventry. Big Oggy getting a red helps but it’s our keeper seeing red when Carvalho skies the penalty. I avoid Jose after the match – he wants to be on pens….

Against Balzers, our two ballers unit to give ourselves a lovely cushion for the return leg in a fortnight

Carvalho risks the wrath of Jose but stays calm to sink his pen and it’s another win on the board for my charges in a north-east grudge match

We don’t like playing Wimbledon – our reputation for having a few tasty latin hot heads riles up the Crazy Gang and we get nothing from their visit

It’s better against Spurs – maybe London seems to suit some of my players. Romario loves it and disappears into the Soho night while the match ball is still warm

Romario is back for the Balzers and thankfully we don’t balzer it up

Far to cocky with that six nil shut out and we collapse to Sheffield Wednesday for the second season in a row

I have a bad feeling about this when our talisman goes out for 3 months

A very bad feeling

Brann are a sterner test than Balzers and there’s work to do in a fortnight…

Maybe it’s just a blip – Leeds are dispatched with minimal fuss

Well, third is a familiar position for us, but oince again, Man Utd are ridiculous. Looks like it’ll be another scrap with Liverpool this season for second.

Just when it felt like we were clicking, I’m worried things might unravel fast. If I can keep Diego and Romario out of the nightclubs, we may do ok….

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