Dean Smith doesn’t want to be Japanese – Part 6: Youth in Asia | @Emsonite

Happy weekend! Deano’s going shopping to try and help Dean Smith get his passport back…

What have Dean Smith, Carl Griffiths, Mark Warren, Super Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Koopa all got in common?

Yes, they’re all Japanese. But the answer I’m looking for is they all have a non-promotion release clause.

We pissed our way through Div 3, breezed through Div 2 but now this is a much tougher league. It’ll be game over if we don’t get promoted to the Premier League at the first attempt. Shit or bust.

The Japanese recognise this and pump in some extra funds.

Cheaper than setting up a feeder club I suppose. But extra funds aren’t really that helpful because decent Asian players are like rocking horse shit.  

Scouring the free transfer market, I’ve come across possibly my favourite regen name ever. Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Yoshiaki Griffiths.


Part of the strategy is to sell players if they aint in the first team. See if they can flourish elsewhere and buy them back.

Bye Fanny.

Going elsewhere has done wonders for this Singaporean.

He’s done well at Forest. No doubt I’m overpaying but like I said it’s slim pickings out there.

And we’re adding another chap from Singapore to our ranks. Steven Chan joins despite being injured for a few months after being hit by some shrapnel.

It was tough prizing him from the Singapore Armed Forces. Tougher for the player though. Chan is now considered AWOL and will be executed for treason if they ever get hold of him. The greys are the forgotten souls of other would-be deserters who dared to want a move to a bigger club.

And the last guy worth taking a chance on is this young versatile midfielder.

Cheeky little fucker wants £40k a week. Kids today eh.

He becomes our highest earner despite never playing a professional game. Let’s see if he can live up to his own hype.

So, life begins in Div 1 and we get an easy run of fixtures early on. For those who like to know, these are the tactics I’m using this season. Pretty much the same as I’ve been playing all along but with different midfield runs. I came across this amended version from ‘David Platt Enthusiast’ Stu’s Footy Flashbacks. No spoilers as to how or why. Super Mario will go back into the hole when he’s back from injury. Then its competition for places in the midfield 3 and the front two. The back 5 picks itself when everyone’s fit.

First up its Tranmere. And it’s a captain’s performance from Dean Smith.

Sam Winston is coming of age and starting to fulfil his unlimited potential.

Super Mario is back with a bang.

We breeze past Shrewsbury in the league cup and have another date with Sunderland for the third season running

As usual they turn us over the Stadium of Light. Yoshi chipped the ball into his own net, the tosser.

But fear not. Sunderland bottle it down South in the return leg and we knock them out. Again.

And they’re crying. Again.

In the league we’re doing well. Chan is back from injury.

One for the neutrals here against the Saints.

And we get a big win against top of the table rivals WM Dons. Chan gets his first goal.

Aye so, all in all it’s going well.

Bit of a short one today but there we are – you have been updated. Have a great weekend. Cheers & beers all round.



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