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Here we are again. The home off the long ball. Where football goes to be embarrassed of itself. If you’re reading this, we can only assume you enjoy poking yourself if the eye with sticks. We’re 4 league games in, if you missed last week, you can catch-up here. The table is already starting to paint a picture that Di Vinci would be proud of:

We open with the league. Matt had a premonition Kwame would be on form tonight, and so it was true. Was it enough? Was it s***e. Walker has an early bath so he can make it to the studio in time.

The goals keep flowing thanks to the exceptional talent on display and Kevin Pressman’s continued huff.

Nick’s woeful run with Rotherham continues. At least Penfold in the background is happy.

Philip yet again decides to let the group pick his team for him and it pays dividends.

Elsewhere Dave is back from his manager holiday, and it shows despite another red. Will Varty is NOT having a party, his mam has cancelled it and he’s grounded.

And with that we’re back to dreamland. And by dreamland, I mean the endless rounds of Scottish Cups. But it’s no hiding place:

The best match is Zak’s endless penalty shootout which went up the swan(ny).

Matt Ayr’s his dirty laundry but still wins. Ampadu needs to Kwam down a bit.

Finally, we’re back to league action. Much to Nick’s displeasure.

My Grimsby side give Nathan an absolute pasting. Super Jack Lester with a hattrick.

Santa takes a break from his rounds if only for consistency in the same colours, but there’s no romancing the stone that is Birmingham City. Points to Deano.

The renaissance period for Swansea continues. Wigan are Torpey-doed. (Yep, that joke again).

Back in the big cup, Carlisle get the spoils, Vale stick to Foyle trophies.

Rob gets battered by St. Mirren. What on earth. 9 minutes of hell. When you get the run around by a 37-year-old Aussie, you know you’re in trouble.

Back in league action, something wrong about the AI’s choice of third strip for Birmingham ’95. Wolves in sheep’s clothing?

The week goes on and one for Ampadu, he’s having the time of his life. He’s never felt this way before.

Zak finally gets something as we see yet another red card.

It was looking like Nick might finally get a win for 30 minutes then it all came crumbling down.

Our final game of the week was a big and little affair. David and Goliath. Wayne Biggins and Andy Liddell. The wee fella just couldn’t do it this time, and easy win for Stoke ’92.

And so, we can all be proud of how we’ve managed to get Birmingham ’95 to the position they are despite being a manager less and rudderless ship. With a game in hand, it remains theirs to lose.


Here is a roundup of the tactics on display.

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