Georgia On My Mind – Part Ten: Closing Time | KingOfTheRooks

Here it is. The last big chance for more glory. We’re eyeing up the final shot for these Georgian ladzes – you can catch-up here. It’s a real shame we won’t get another shot at the Euros, but if we manage two World Cups that would be outstanding.

Our preparation starts where we left off 2005:

F****** abysmal. It just. Gets. Better…

We finally turn up for something. That said, conceding 2 here is terrible.

Iashvili with two goals tells you all you need to know about Zambia. And he’ll have to play the opening game.

It doesn’t really go to plan. The world’s greatest boxer’s regen gets Ghana off the mark in just 60 seconds. We manage to grab a point, but it should have been three.

Advantage Wales. There are shock results and then there are shock results. Egypt were beaten by Wales 2-1.

Again, the goals against…come on ladzes man. We can make it through, even in defeat.

Wales manage to go down to ten men, take the lead and look comfortable. We go three up top but Big Nev’s regen is on fire. A point will do.

The FA are unhappy.

And it’s a tough second round draw. We smashed them when we played them last time, but we are a different side now.

We give the Argies one hell of a game. We almost make it over the line but its all too much.

When it comes down to it, we bottle the penalties. We were 10 minutes away from getting through too. In the end it wouldn’t have mattered. We’d have got stuffed by the best team around.

France add to their two Euro’s. Ridiculous. Well, we had a good run, but its time to put these Georgian’s out to pasture. Our ability has been eroded by age and retirements, we just cannot carry on. I hope you’ve enjoyed this foray into “what can you do with a lesser nation”. I’ve really enjoyed it, maybe next up its England? #keeptheladzesinmyheartkeepmegeorgia

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