Replicating Sir Alex, Bolton Style – Episode Eighteen | @KibworthBull

It’s that time again.

Let’s repeat what we did last season but with a slightly different squad.

Out are Nicolas Anelka (0 in 11 last year), gone to Fulham, and ex-Schoolboy Ian Martindale to Wigan. A combined total of £1m.

Welcome, Enrico Lemme, a full back from Inter Milan (£300k) and attacking midfielder, Finn Petersen from AB (£300k). Lemme, on paper, looks a better version of Robbie Elliot, whilst Petersen will compete with the other AMCs.

As ever a myriad of professionals told us to f… go away.

A near perfect first half and we are off and running.

Lots of goals in a short space of time at St James’ Park? Art imitates Life.. (this game was played less than 24 hours after Spurs conceded 5 in 20 minutes. Both of strikers looking in good touch.

Revenge is a dish best served cold… Mads is another that is looking very sharp in this strong start to the season.

This is more like it… Against ten men for 87 minutes and we can’t get past Thomas Myhre in goal.

Oh for 30 seconds or so it was on. Another game where the opposition keeper gets the Man of the Match award. This time it’s Steve Simonsen. We nearly got through August unbeaten.

Frank Lampard was sacked and re-hired several times during this one. Yep, it’s another joke that is relevant when I wrote it, but a distant memory by the time the post is published. A convincing victory which puts us 2nd. In real life I’m about to turn 18..

The goal woke us up, but we didn’t deserve the penalty. Nice for Izzy Rankin to get a goal. It’s been some time.

The buzz word from this one – a professional performance.

No one was anywhere near Ayorinde when he went down. Never a good sign. 3 months but the positive is that Rankin has 3 in 3.

Wimbledon lay siege for 90 minutes. We take a point back up north.

This is vintage Izzy. A very good first 30 minutes and we coast through the rest of the game.

Stewart Butters put’s the tie to bed. The Ginger Maestro get’s himself back on the scoresheet.

There are not many realities that the real Michael Owen and the real Paul Scholes exchange 83rd minute goals. But it’s happened in this one.

Late goals. Humph…

This week’s post ends with us level on points with Crystal Palace. AT THE TOP OF THE TABLE. Of course there is a long time for it to go very wrong but for now we can bask in the glory of being the leaders (at the 31.5789% stage)

Let’s hope next week continues in the same veign. Laters!

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