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Sausage, chips and curry sauce in a hollowed cob at Merthyr Town. £6 with a drink. 

82% Scran rating. Take my money.

Plymouth took my money at the end of the last episode, minus the value of Abraham. We bought Saunders.

Worth £675k now. He’s going straight into the team but everyone is for sale. I’ll list him if he gets up to £1m.

His first game is fairly solid. We edge past Shrewsbury 2-3.

Ooh a South Wales Derby. I’m sure more than 4,144 people would turn up in a real fixture. That Bird with a Wigg is a right Banger.

The Cardiffians travel back down the A470 empty handed. They still think we wash our clothes in the river up the Valleys. Fuck em.

Saunders is immediately wanted by Wimbledon. If there’s a chance of getting some Premier League talent in exchange I’m going to take it. On the list he goes.

Alas, Wimbledont don’t have any spaces in their squad so I’m going to spark off a bid for Reeves with Oldham interested. If Oldham get Reeeves and Wimbledone bid for Saunders and offer me Carl Cort that would be ideal. Lets see what happens.

Norwich are in for Graham but there’s no one worth having on exchange. I can’t refuse the bid either. Oh dear.

Oldham take the bait.

Saunders bags a brace as Notts County take a battering.

Graham goes to Norwich. I take Carey as a token exchange player but he’s crap. It’s not a good trade. 

The boss ain’t happy.

He prowls the streets looking for skateboarders. Bewsh! Take that you twat. 

Sorry, mate. We’ll try and do better next time. 

Reeves joins Oldham. I put a crap player from Wimbledon on my shortlist now to try and get them to bid for Saunders. 

Merthyr 4 – 0 Torquay 

Half way through this Leyton Orient game, Stanic scores. What? Then I realise I forgot to edit Leyton Orient back to normal from my last blog. I aint starting again. Fuck that. So Orient are all Japanese in this blog as well. Dean Smith is struggling to get into the team though by the looks of things. We lose, unsurprisingly. 

Macclesfield 1 – 1 Merthyr 

Oh this is interesting. Statons value has shot up to £1.9m and Saints want him. The price is good lets hope they got some players worth having.

Nathan Jones has 3 months to spend alone with his own thoughts. Just what the world needs. 

It’s actually a blow. Not blessed with many good players and he’s been great so far.

A decent showing against the Arsenal. But we’re out of the League Cup.

Merthyr 3 – 2 Brighton 

Merthyr 0 – 0 Bristol C (Windscreen)

Another South Wales derby. We head west to win at The Vetch in the FA Cup. Jan Molby. Bloody hell, forgot about him

Merthyr 5 – 1 Swansea, in an immedaite replay in the league.

Notts C want Bodin so there is a bid going in for Finnan. He would be an upgrade.

Scarborough 1 – 5 Merthyr 

Finnan signs and Bodin moves the other way. Considering Bodin is only covering for Jones, and Finnan will go straight into the team. Thats a good trade

Merthyr 2 – 2 Colchester

Millwall 1 – 2 Merthyr (Windscreen 2nd Round)

Bid’s in for Luke Staton. Dreadful options on the part exchange though. Matt Oakley, a pretty useless MR comes in. 

It’s good money, but overall you’d have to say that’s a bad trade.

The owner is fuming. Whack!

Poor bugger.

Wimbledon, with a space in their squad, are in for Saunders. I love it when a plan comes together. But, again, it backfires as their Part Ex options are gobshite. I take Heald and Harford as a back ups but thats all I can get. 

Bad Trade. Fool me once, fools me twice. Fool me… Wallop!

Have that ya bastard.

Right I think we’ve messed up enough skateboarders this week. Don’t let your kids down the ramps without supervision. I’ll let you know if it’s safe next week.

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