Monaco Part-Ex Outlet. Part 8: Beep for Bell*nd | @Emsonite

Monaco? Yes you read that right.

What’s going on? I’ll tell you. Talking shit, as per, with my butty @thetynter, and this blog pops up. I was telling him about Trade guy who hates skateboarders bla bla bla. And he already knows about it. In fact. He knows a lot more than I do. 

So apparently (I’m not fact checking, where’s the fun in that) After the skateboarder confrontation incident at the Mumbles, there was a public response. Not a good one. It created a movement. It was called ‘Beep for Bellend.’

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Merthyr Part-X Outlet. Part 7: I need a new Wigg | @Emsonite

May the fourth be with you, always. 

Let’s take stock of where we are. 

  • Won Division 2 at a canter in the end after sabotaging our rivals. 
  • £7m in the bank. 
  • I’m owed a Sheff Utd player for £1.1m after not exchanging anyone. Sheridan left on a big club release clause without my knowledge.
  • Good news – There’s wanted signs on a few of our players.
  • Bad news – Apart from Newsome, all clubs interested are from the lower leagues.
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Merthyr Part-X Outlet. Part 5: Sorry, not sorry Rob | @Emsonite

After a successful first season, it’s Pina Coladas on the beach courtesy of our sponsor. I say courtesy of our sponsor. He didn’t actually pay for the holiday. He took my £99 deposit and I’m paying him back over 5 years.

The holiday is going to cost £5k more than it was worth in the long run.  Think I’ve been stung. I’m just glad it wasn’t a car.

Anyway, it was only a short getaway as there’s work to do. 

Close season = transfer activity. And there’s a lot to wade through.

As it stands, only Nathan Jones and Bob Taylor are wanted. Jones is worth a whopping £3m. 

If I can get some exchange offers before June, there should be some good bargains on offer with contracts running down & players on offer being valued next to nothing. 

First out the door is Rob Scott. I bring in Muggleton and Andrade as part of the deal. 

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