Replicating Sir Alex, Bolton Stlye – Episode Nineteen | @KibworthBull

Something strange is happening..

We sit top of the Premier League. Only just.

But it beats 9th.

Let’s see how we can fall apart from here.

This could have been double figures. It really could have.

A reaction is needed in the cup, away at West Ham. We don’t get it it. A rare occasion where the opposition keeper has a blinder (get’s MOTM) and they take their chances. Sometimes this game is relentless.

If things are going well I can crank out an episode in an hour or two, like the last episode which I managed in just shy of 90 minutes. This one is taking about a week.

In the space of 3 minutes Izzy Rankin has the winner chalked off and then he gets carried off. We’ll see him again in a month.

4 key players out injured, a goal down and one already chalked off. It didn’t seem like the trip to the leaders Palace was going to be a good day. Enter Paul Scholes

We have no plan B right now. Barnsley are struggling but they don’t look a gift horse in a mouth.

Ayorinde and Osorio are back and we look so much better. Okay, Exeter are 20th in the table but this is a much needed boost.

When Hitoto got sent off in the 18th minute, I knew this was a game we would win. Because, that’s what the game does. Even at 3-2, I wasn’t worried.

A former colleague had an expression – Bag of Shite.. Sums up our trip to Highbury.

This was a rubbish game for 68 minutes, it sparked into life, we should have got more goals and it cost us at the end. Villa were in the relegation zone. It’s not been a good Christmas.

A routine, professional victory in the Potteries. Good.

It’s also a welcome to 2004.

Osorio picked up a couple of cheap bookings, which sparked the game to life. Pedersen scores but then we immediately get pegged back, but Ayorinde is a class act and sealed it.

There’s a reason that QPR are 2nd in the table. They rip us to shreds. Sol Campbell gives away the ball for the first and then gets his marching orders. We are lucky we kept them to 3.

The worst possible draw for the FA Cup. We’ve not beaten the real Sir Alex in this challenge and the day doesn’t start off well.

It already feels like another season has been chalked off and we are still on zero trophies.

5 points behind the leaders. 16 games to go. I’ve just re-read the opening of this post. We were top, Sigh…

I know beyond any resonable doubt what his choice will be

We are an established Premier League club and we don’t even get a chance to sit down and talk. It doesn’t feel right. This happens in 95% of bids.

We continue to exasperate the supporters.

A tactical tweak – we actually play with wingers for the first time in 4 years. We avoid defeat at least.

14 games to go. We sit 7th. 4 points off 2nd. It feels like we are heading for our 3rd 9th placed finish in a row. But as ever, a decent run of form could put us back in the excitement zone.

Next episode will see more of the same sort of stuff. A win, a few draws and a few defeats and almost certainly a number of players saying NO to Bolton.

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