How to install CM97/98

Hopefully reading this blog has whetted your appetite to re-live this great game. As it is, computers have come quite a long way since 1997 which can make playing the game on a modern laptop/computer a bit tricky. But there is a way. Of course, please download with discretion and I take no responsibility for the downloads hosted on external websites. Click here to download the game as I have uploaded it.

DosBox is the key to getting this game to work – basically this emulates MS-Dos on your computer to allow you to run old Dos Games. Download it from their website here by picking the correct operating system from the list. Get that installed and that’s the easy bit done.

I’ve split the guide into firstly Windows instuctions and further down the page is Mac. Incidentally, we’ve had somebody get it working on an Android phone/tablet. There’s a guide for that here. We have nothing for iPad yet, I know you can share your screen from your laptop to your tablet but that’s not really the same.


You’ll need the game to make any of this happen. If you’re fortunate enough to own the CD still, treasure it but unless your laptop is old it will be of little use here. Download the game as per the link above (other downloads are available).

Once you’ve got the game on your laptop, you can try and run it by double clicking cm2.exe from the folder but it will most likely either not load at all or will load with colours all over the shop. You can try playing about with the compatibility settings, but they tend not to work.

There are two ways to get the game to work. Firstly, if this is the only game you play on dosbox then drag the desired exe file (cm2e8 or cm2e16) onto the Dosbox icon. That should work, but if it doesn’t, read on.

Plan B is to use Dosbox. Open up Dosbox by double clicking the exe file you installed earlier. At this point, I encourage you to review this article:

I’m not a technical expert by any means but if the above makes no sense to you, I will try and explain it. If you can, move the CM9798 folder somewhere simple, such as C: (without putting it in any other folder). Place the CM9798 files in there.


In dosbox, it will say Z:\> and after this you should type mount c C:\cm9798

So the whole line should read: Z:\> mount c c:\cm9798       Then press enter

Of course if you have cm9798 folder saved elsewhere, change the file path to that. If successful, dosbox will add a line that says Drive C is mounted as the local directory C:\cm9798

Now type C: and press enter. This should change the Z to a C, and you’ll be left with this:


Type in the program you want to run, here are your options:

cm2.exe – Will run the whole game, then you decide if you want to run 8 bit (1 league) or 16 bit (3 leagues), or the database editor

Cm2e16.exe – Runs the full game, with 3 playable leagues

Cm2e18.exe – Runs the one league version

Cme2ed – Runs the database editor

Press enter after you’ve typed in one of the above and it will run.


You’ll still need Dosbox for Mac which can be found on this page. Download DosBox & save to your applications folder. Go to your home folder (the folder that has the same name as your username). I believe there are other emulators available.

You should still be able to download/buy the game as per my link above, you don’t have to do anything different to if you were running it on a Windows machine.

If you’ve followed the earlier steps, you should have a folder in your home folder called dosgames & within that a folder called CM9798 & all the game files in that

launch DosBox and type the following:

mount c ~/dosgames

Press return and the enter:

C: (press enter)

cd cm9798

press enter again and then finally type:


Press enter and the game will launch.

April 2020 – There seems to have been an update to Mac which has caused some problems so if you’ve recently updated to Catalina and have issues, that’ll be why.

Extra – This next bit isn’t required but more of a tip.

Now, obviously you won’t want to go through this whole process each time, so if you’re only going to run the one Dos game you can tell dosbox to do this every time. Rather than re-write what has already been written elsewhere, please refer to the below extract from

dosbox quick start

I hope you find this article useful, I didn’t invent this process and there may be other ways of running the game, but this works well for me.

Please tweet any queries to @cm9798 and I’ll try and help

With thanks to my life long friend _markreynolds for the mac instructions – visit his website for some tech insight and fantastic photography

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183 thoughts on “How to install CM97/98

  1. Hello, I want to play cm97/98 on my ipad. Is it possible? I tried to play by using teamviewer and so take my pc over with my ipad but the screen stays black while cm starts

  2. Does cm run on Windows 8.1 or 10? Dosbox is still usefull to start the game? I’m gonna buy a new laptop and I hope cm works on it.

  3. Hmm that sounds odd. Assume you pressed space to quicken the commentary? I don’t touch the cycles but don’t know enough about it to say if that would be a factor

    • Yes, I pressed space like in the “old days” to little avail. The default seems to be at 15000 cycles, which makes everything equally slow and not just the matches. I upped it to 600 000 cycles to consume 50% of the computer’s memory. Otherwise the rest of the game would be unbereable… How slow are your matches, then?

  4. Do you know the configuration settings I need to play cm9798 on Android (Sony Xperia z3)? I can get to the new game/load game/delete game etc screen when you first open cm9798 but you can’t read anything or select because the colour is all screwed up…

    Any ideas?

  5. Hey! Great instructions, works like a dream! Just wondering if you’ve found a way to display the stadium pictures in the background? I’m pretty sure this was a feature in the game?



  6. Thanks for the info regarding set up – I still get way too excited with CM. Ronaldo’s stats though. …!

    I know it’s cheeky but if anyone’s looking to buy original football shirts from this era then check out our store:

  7. e’ possibile sapere se c’e’ un modo per estendere il gioco? Arrivati alla stagione n29 dice di creare una nuova partita e’ un peccato non continuare e inziare ogni volta dall’inizio.grazie

  8. Hi im running dozbox but the graphics are not right on cm9798 cant see anything just the boxes no text just a red box

    • I know it’s been a while since your post, but my boyfriend and I just finished troubleshooting this issue and found that all files/exe/pictures related to the game download need to be in the CM9798 folder without any subdirectories.

      He hasn’t played through a full season yet, but so far it is working nicely.

      • Hi Jess. I have had this issue too. So do you just move all pictures into the folder with the ‘Cm2e8’ or ‘Cm2e16’ game? Then it will pick these up?

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  10. hi there, when i try to run the editor i get a load picture 1 error, and it won’t load the editor… any solutions? please and thank you – Bill

  11. Hi.

    I have just finished my first season and the game is updating. But when the game gets to 80% of “updating – pre season” it terminates and the “thank you for playing” screen appears. When I restart the game its the same thing all over.

    Does anyone know how to work around this??


  12. The game goes well with my laptop. The only problem i can only play one season. After auto update the seasons, automaticaly exit and not continue to thr second season. What should i do?

  13. Hi,

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to run it on a laptop with windows 10? Got the disc but can’t install.


  14. On a mac i get a note saying ‘unable to change to cm9798’ after i type cd cm9798 into Dosbox commands – any idea where i might have gone wrong along the way?

      • My issue was the folder i was using was names cm9798v2 so i had to add the v2 to the command and hey presto im in season 3 wishing id signed Chiesa for milan

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  16. Hope I can get a response to this, I know the page is an old one! I’ve setup dosbox and used it to run CM9798, it runs fine and fast but when it comes to matchday I’ve got a problem. When I click to kickoff, it seems to act as a double click and brings me straight back to the “pause” menu as if I wanted to check stats or make changes. Has anyone else encountered this before?

    • Hello mate,
      Try pressing alt on your keyboard then click done to resume the game. Usually works for me, happens when I have changed between dosbox and another window.


      • Dave,

        Wow, that was a quick response and it’s worked, many thanks!
        Well, that gets rid of my free time for the forseeable future! 😀

        – RD

      • Hello mate! Was just wondering if you could help me with a problem I’m having? So I started a new game, with Leeds of course! And I can play the game normal and that but as soon as I go to press done to do my first turn it’s comes up with “the computer is now going to update some in game stats. This may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your computer. Save game now?” Even if I press yes or no it then sends me to the page where it says thank you for playing championship manager 97/98. Then send me back to command prompt page or dos box or whatever it is. Can you help? I’m screaming out to play this game!

  17. hi love the website been here a few times and appreciate the effort. hoping you can help me as I’m at my wits end!! installed cm9798 using the CD and ran it with D-Fend Reloaded on my laptop. started with Watford got a couple of months into season two and on loading the game one day instead of loading the game after it hits 100% the ‘Thank-you for playing..’ end screen pops up. Started another game Watford again and got to season two… after a couple of months; same thing. Admittedly the laptop I was using was rubbish and the fan had gone completely so I tried another laptop. Same team, same problem, same place month into season two this time. Going to try a download version now although I wanted to play with the stadia backdrops! If you can help it would be very much appreciated. Thanks

  18. Hi Dave,

    Any idea how to create attacking runs on tactics screen using MacBook? Thought ctrl + mouse click would work, but nothing.

    Many thanks

  19. Hiya

    This worked on my old laptop a while back but I cannot figure it out this time. Moved the Cm2e16 file to dosbox by simply dragging; and it just shows up the 5 start screen boxes as pink blocks – then i’m stuck.

    PS. Not an IT expert, but can follow instructions so just don’t get it? I have windows 10, but see that shouldn’t be an issue

    Thanks in advance

  20. Hi! Does your cmFind.exe works fine with you ? I can´t use it perfectly, because the results are not showing. I always need to save to file to view the results.. Do you know how we solve this?

    Thanks anyway!

  21. hello, i’m sorry the last command for mac users, launch.exe, is reported as an illegal command
    can I get some help please ?

  22. any joy Dave. Sick of the site of pink boxes; and to make matters worse my ‘little’ brother is playing on his; and rubbing it In my face!!! Cheers fella.

  23. Hey Dave,

    I know how busy you are but is it possible to send a Youtube video of how to install/download CM97/98 from scratch please? Would love to play CM 97/98 again but it’s over 100 pound to buy on amazon.

    Many thanks

  24. Downloaded cm and dosbox, loads up fine and then after saving it, i get a program termination :s16 error??
    Any ideas

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  26. Hi! I have the original game, but could not find the version 2.93 game with Dida and co.! It is almost impossible to find the original CD nor downloadable version at its original state. Would someone consider copying and paste the files as it came from the CD here? Many thanks!

  27. Where is the best place to download the game from? You seem to have it working good Dave, where’d you get the game from?


  28. Hi David

    I’ve installed the dosbox onto a raspberry pi 3B+. Installed the game from opensource, managed to get the game loaded, started a season, but the processing is chronically slow. Have you any tips on how to improve the performance?


    • How do I load a saved game. Played for first time last night then saved and closed down. Now there isn’t a saved game when I’ve reopened

  29. Hi, whenever I try to restore a game it just reload to the thanks for playing quit screen? So frustrating with wever save! Can never continue a game

  30. Hi, I have found the old game, have downloaded dosbox but when I drag it across to open I am just left with what looks like the basic set up of the game but it is all pink / red boxes with no text or background. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • It seems to be working now but i’m not sure how!
      I opened Dropbox trying to type in commands but still getting Illegal Command. So then I dragged the file from File Explorer to the Dropbox icon so it was open twice and then it was fine.
      Exited from both Dropbox I had open and tried again and seems fine!

  31. hi i have been playing for a few seasons now keep getting this
    Warning: file creation failed: c:\cm9798\GAMESS16.IDX

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