How to install CM97/98

Hopefully reading this blog has whetted your appetite to re-live this great game. As it is, computers have come quite a long way since 1997 which can make playing the game on a modern laptop/computer a bit tricky. But there is a way. Of course, please download with discretion and I take no responsibility for the downloads hosted on external websites. Click here to download the game as I have uploaded it.

DosBox is the key to getting this game to work – basically this emulates MS-Dos on your computer to allow you to run old Dos Games. Download it from their website here by picking the correct operating system from the list. Get that installed and that’s the easy bit done.

I’ve split the guide into firstly Windows instuctions and further down the page is Mac. Incidentally, we’ve had somebody get it working on an Android phone/tablet. There’s a guide for that here. We have nothing for iPad yet, I know you can share your screen from your laptop to your tablet but that’s not really the same.


You’ll need the game to make any of this happen. If you’re fortunate enough to own the CD still, treasure it but unless your laptop is old it will be of little use here. Download the game as per the link above (other downloads are available).

Once you’ve got the game on your laptop, you can try and run it by double clicking cm2.exe from the folder but it will most likely either not load at all or will load with colours all over the shop. You can try playing about with the compatibility settings, but they tend not to work.

There are two ways to get the game to work. Firstly, if this is the only game you play on dosbox then drag the desired exe file (cm2e8 or cm2e16) onto the Dosbox icon. That should work, but if it doesn’t, read on.

Plan B is to use Dosbox. Open up Dosbox by double clicking the exe file you installed earlier. At this point, I encourage you to review this article:

I’m not a technical expert by any means but if the above makes no sense to you, I will try and explain it. If you can, move the CM9798 folder somewhere simple, such as C: (without putting it in any other folder). Place the CM9798 files in there.


In dosbox, it will say Z:\> and after this you should type mount c C:\cm9798

So the whole line should read: Z:\> mount c c:\cm9798       Then press enter

Of course if you have cm9798 folder saved elsewhere, change the file path to that. If successful, dosbox will add a line that says Drive C is mounted as the local directory C:\cm9798

Now type C: and press enter. This should change the Z to a C, and you’ll be left with this:


Type in the program you want to run, here are your options:

cm2.exe – Will run the whole game, then you decide if you want to run 8 bit (1 league) or 16 bit (3 leagues), or the database editor

Cm2e16.exe – Runs the full game, with 3 playable leagues

Cm2e18.exe – Runs the one league version

Cme2ed – Runs the database editor

Press enter after you’ve typed in one of the above and it will run.


You’ll still need Dosbox for Mac which can be found on this page. Download DosBox & save to your applications folder. Go to your home folder (the folder that has the same name as your username). I believe there are other emulators available.

You should still be able to download/buy the game as per my link above, you don’t have to do anything different to if you were running it on a Windows machine.

If you’ve followed the earlier steps, you should have a folder in your home folder called dosgames & within that a folder called CM9798 & all the game files in that

launch DosBox and type the following:

mount c ~/dosgames

Press return and the enter:

C: (press enter)

cd cm9798

press enter again and then finally type:


Press enter and the game will launch.

April 2020 – There seems to have been an update to Mac which has caused some problems so if you’ve recently updated to Catalina and have issues, that’ll be why.

Extra – This next bit isn’t required but more of a tip.

Now, obviously you won’t want to go through this whole process each time, so if you’re only going to run the one Dos game you can tell dosbox to do this every time. Rather than re-write what has already been written elsewhere, please refer to the below extract from

dosbox quick start

I hope you find this article useful, I didn’t invent this process and there may be other ways of running the game, but this works well for me.

Please tweet any queries to @cm9798 and I’ll try and help

With thanks to my life long friend _markreynolds for the mac instructions – visit his website for some tech insight and fantastic photography

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183 thoughts on “How to install CM97/98

  1. Hello,
    many thanks for this! I could play this beautiful game once again after years on my computer!

    So do you have latest season updates with playable leagues like Turkey, Russia and few others which was excluded in the original ?


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  3. Hey, Thanks very much for this. I got it working on my mac. However, everytime I get to the first game and I go to change the tactics, a message comes up saying “thanks for playing the game etc.” and quits the game. Then, when I load it back, I’m no longer the manager of my team and it just keeps going to that “thanks” message.

    Any ideas what’s happening?

  4. Hi – I am still yet to be able to play this wonderful game. I have DOSBox open, I have had the CD and a download both showing in c drive BUT when I go the mount c instruction it says Directory c:\cm9798 does not exist. Any ideas please? (Windows 10)

      • Stick with it, i followed the instructions and now have played full 30 season games (albeit with the same back ground)

    • Does the disc not have an auto install fucnction? Mine did this (I think) then once the files are on the computer, just drag the CME16 file over the DOSBOX icon and it should fire up

    • Got all the way to c: part but when i enter cm2e8.exe it doesn’t recognise this and cant launch the game,Any advice?

  5. hey all….. great little site here. I recently got stuck into this game again after a long absence, and Im really enjoying it.

    Just on thing id like to add here though if i may… I’ve worked out that the version i am playing (which is running absolutely fine btw into third season)is most definitely a patched version.

    I remember from the original version of the game for example that sometimes John Curtis starts out on a free transfer. I mean sometimes he doesn’t but on this new version he never does. This version albeit good just feels slightly different and id like to play the original non patched version if possible. Another example of the top of my head… this patched version doesnt have Ruud Gullit on here?? That’s blasphemous (the ge ren was top notch lol)

    The downloadable version of the game on this website… is it the original??

    Can anyone confirm this at all for me? If so I’ll get to downloading it immediately. Despite flaws…. i like things as they were originally intended. 😉

    Many thanks in advance

    • Hi, the download from this site is the patch yes, I too prefer the original db but wanted to blog the patched version as it has less bugs. To be honest I haven’t noticed many bugs in either.

      The original db, yes the honourable JC is often on a free. Man Utd have about 40 players assigned to them in the editor so some always miss out. You can get it from or I will upload it for you

      • Mr Black sir you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks for putting me onto the ‘out the box’ version. I’m invested heavily currently in the patched version way to much however to give the old guard the attention it deserves for the time being lol. That fact that I now have it there for me to revert back to at sone point however is heartening so thank you.

        I’ll get there though. I’ve become a massive addict again since the national lockdown. I’m kinda stuck on the one save right now and I’m about 10 seasons in. I’ve also taken to your ‘France 98: what-if’ monologue quite fondly. I’m on page 72. Had to buy the hardback haha.

        Have listened to the first ‘champ man on the post’ podcasts too and thoroughly enjoyed both.

        I’ve a question or two I’d like to ask about some advice if you will for want of a better word.

        If you’re happy to answer let me know and I’ll ask away.

        Thanks once again sir.



    • If you want Guillit just put him into the team you want he’s in the editor. You can even bring Maradona out of retirement too.

  6. I’ve downloaded DOSbox and also your copy of the game, but it still will not load at all. I can mount C:, but that’s as far as I get…It just keeps saying illegal command when I try and enter the .exe This is happening with both typing it in, or if I try and drop the zip file (it won’t let me drag the .exe file). Any ideas? Cheers

      • I get to C and
        Nothing happens it says illegal command for every code entered? How do I remove a file and what file am I taking out of the zip file I don’t understand this sorry I’m not very tech orientated

      • Hi Sean
        If you DM me on twitter i’ve a screen shot of exactly what to do , You’ll need to know where the game is saved, Like in your documents and what folder it’s in .
        My twitter is h4rdon , Dave Black spent a good hour kindly walking me through all this


      • No mate sadly I couldn’t work it out and I don’t have Twitter to speak on there

      • Hi,

        Same problem here I believe. I am at my wits end – I have bought the disc and followed all the steps, but then get “illegal command”. This may be how I transferred the docs from the game folder, e.g. they are ENGLISH, COMMON, LAUNCH, CM2E16.EXE etc. Do I put them into a folder or just on the main C drive? Please help, plus apologies for the likely incorrect terminology above.

  7. Having updated my Mac operating system to Catalina neither Boxer or DOSBox are compatible – disaster!!

    I can’t find a way to load the game or my old saves – anyone else got around this problem? And any Mac users think carefully about upgrading you operating system unless you want to lose the game!

  8. Getting the message “this is not the correct data file!” when I try to access team data in the data editor. Any suggestions please?

  9. Hello CM9798 community 🙂

    I need your help! I can launch game but only on small screen.

    I cannot extend it. When I modify “Dosbox file.config” with fullscreen “true”, I cannot save it (only administrator can save on program file (x86).

    Do you know how I can get fullscreen?

    Thanks, regards;

  10. Hi, I just tried to load up CM9798 (files copied onto laptop from original CD) using DOSBox (downloaded today) – I’ve achieved it before with these same files on an old laptop but wanted to try on my new laptop (running on an up-to-date Windows 10).

    The game loaded fine but the screen is completely unreadable, the main menu squares are a block colour and the text is invisible, any ideas?

  11. Hi Dave

    Played the game fine (4 seasons in on one save) with multiple saves but when I tried to open up another game the restore game selection was blank and when trying to restore one, just takes me back to dos box. Not sure what I’ve done wrong as was working perfect!

  12. Hello thanks alot for this game! brings back memories. can i please ask how can we resize the window of the playing screen? it is very small. lol

  13. Hi.
    I hae installed the game from the website and it works. But when i save it and close the computer the save is gone. Any ideas?

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  16. I may have missed this as new to site (great by the way) I’ve been playing a few seasons, save regularly as it sometimes gives the old “thanks for playing” – is the editor attached to game somewhere or is it also available to save additionally? Hoping it is not right in front of my face (actually hoping it is).

  17. Hi wonder if you can help, I have followed all steps and managed to run the game, however, when clicking on new game 8bit and clicking next it goes to the thank you for playing screen and exits?

    • There’s updates on this website and they’re bringing out a new update soon plus a revamped exe file which has many changes, such as inflation for players wages and prices, coloured stats, more subs and no non EU players etc etc

      • Didn’t find the update/current players file and instructions how to update it from the 97 season to 2022 or at least a recent one. Where is it located? TNX

  18. Hi, everything runs smooth on my MacBook (using DosBox). But I wanne continue on my Windows PC with the same save. Where can I find my save game to copy it? Thx

  19. Sure I used to get this to play full screen through Dosbox but now it is quite a small window with no option to maximise. Any idea how to get it to full screen, or close to it, on Windows 10

  20. Hi i’ve got as far as to mounting the C drive and where it says to type CM2E8.EXE it doesn’t recognise this and doesn’t launch the game,Any advice please?

    • If you’ve got the files installed onto your computer, try opening the folder with the Cm9798 files in it, and drag the CM16 or CM8 file over the top of the DOSBOX icon. This automatically starts the game for me.

  21. I lived overseas (UK) 20 years ago and was introduced to “football manager” by housemates. This is a blast from the past.

    I’ve tried to get the game to work on DOSBox, but the opening screens are just colors and no text. I know the first screen is the 5 boxes, but there’s no text there. . any suggestions?

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  23. Hello mate,

    I really need some help.
    I’ve been updating CM9798 on my laptop, changing the squads etc
    However, when I load the game up now, it goes through the team data, player data, does the shortlisting of each team, and then, on the second loading bar page, when it says season 1997/98, it crashes at around 85%.
    I’ve checked through all the changes I’ve made (I and can’t find any mistakes, misspellings etc)
    I’m totally stumped; can you please help ?
    Much appreciated, thanks for reading,

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  25. Really struggling to figure out how to install this game on my Mac. I have Dosbox and have downloaded V 2.93 from some website but it has lots of other CM folders in there.

    I’ve saved Dosbox to applications. But where do I save the CM folders and do I have to create a folder named Dosgames with CM folder in etc and then how do I launch the game or editor via Dosbox?

  26. I have downloaded DOSBOX 0.74-3 but when I try and load the game it comes through as just pink boxes. I have changed the output to overlay but still doesn’t work on Windows 10.

    Do you have any ideas on how I can fix this?

    • I’m at exact same stage. Did you manage to get this fixed? I feel like I’m so close to getting there but falling at the final hurdle!

  27. Hi, I have downloaded the Windows version using drag and drop with Dosbox and can now see the first screen with Bobby Robson in the background. I can also see the 5 boxes outlined in blue, but no text in any of them, same scenario on the next screen. Does anyone know what that’s all about? Thanks in advance.

  28. I have SO close. I have the disc and have followed all of the advice above. Now I’m at the main start page, however can only see 5 pink boxes where the “start game”, “resume game” etc is, and the background is black where I think Bobby Robson would normally be. There is no text but I can seem to click on the pink boxes. Any ideas??? At my wits end here 😭

    • Open the config folder and copy the files from all subfolders to the main one and it should get you up and running.

      I also found that come the end of season 1 the game wouldn’t run in to season 2. Make sure the exe files are read/write to overcome that issue.

      • Hi Adam,

        Many thanks for this. I eventually managed to get it working and have no problems in season 2. My next query – which hopefully you can help with! – is getting the background images. No offence to Bobby Robson – lovely man and a legend – but I’m sick of the sight of him! Can you advise (in layman’s terms!) how I go about getting the background images of the stadiums or whatever else is available? Thank you in advance. Graham

      • I took the same approach and just copied all files from the sub folders (for this you just need the ones where the teams are labelled) in to the primary folder

      • Which sub folders are they in? I have a LOT of sub folders. And when I find them, do I just click and drag them (altogether) and drop on DOSbox like I do for CM2E16.EXE?

      • Can’t remember which sub folder however it’s a list of teams so should be easy to find. No need to copy all to dosbox when opening, just continue to use the CM2E16.exe

      • Not sure if I’m doing it right, but to run the game I have to click and drag the cm2e16.EXE into dosbox and it runs automatically. I don’t open anything, just click and drag. I’m therefore guessing that the images are in another folder/application/whatever as when I drop the cm2e16.EXE I just get 100% Bobby Robson. There must be another folder/application that I need to drop into dosbox.

  29. Hi There,

    I have managed to get this game working on windows 10 as per above but the game window is small and i cant seem to make it full screen. Is this normal? Can it be changed?


  30. I have followed all steps and managed to run the game, however, when clicking on new game 8bit and clicking next it goes to the thank you for playing screen and exits?

    • Yeah I’m getting a similar issue in the 16bit game. I managed to install the game, play it and save and exit, but when I open it for the next time it goes straight to the thank you for playing screen and exits. Can anyone advise on this please?

      • I had this issue , Try this
        c:cm2e8.exe then press Enter
        Don’t forget to press ALT+ENTER to go full screen

        Hope this helps

  31. Hello I can see you’ve offered the original background images previously, is this something you would be able to help me with please? I had a file with not the originals but some orignals and others that had been added and it made a huge difference to the game.

  32. Hi,

    The game download doesn’t seem to have a CM2.exe file? Only the 8 and 16 ones?


    I cannot seem to get the DosBox thing to change to C: , it just says it does not exist. It also doesn’t let me drag anything on to the dosbox icon.

    After seeing your Facebook page I have been dying to try this game again, I just can’t get the thing to work :o(

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  33. Hey! How are you doing? I’m a huge fan of this game (in fact I’m still learning stuff from it) and I’m trying to play the original version. If I play the original version using Win7, it works just fine. When I use Win10, i get this message: Program Termination – Load Picture 2. I can’t seem to get rid of this one.

    But if I play your version of the game on win10, it goes just fine.

    Does anyone else gets this message too if playing the original version?

    Thanks in advance.

  34. I’m 75. I loved this game, and want to continue playing it. I just want to set it up, so that I can click on an icon and go straight into a menu where I can see my current open games. I can’t even get started! I’m aware that I’m an absolute Tech Numpty, but can anyone hold my hand?

    • Hey, sir. It’s impossible not to try helping you. Do you already have the program Dosbox?

  35. Hi, I seem to have a similar problem to others, that is it loads up via dosbox (i clicked on the champman9798 file and it opened itself up through dosbox) but then it gets the thank you screen. How can I move past it? i read through all the comments. i’ve had no luck going through dosbox

  36. Is there any chance of a video walkthrough for luddites like me who have so far failed to get this anywhere close to up and running?

  37. Hi everyone! I reached year 2026 and it says that I can’t continue any further, I have to reload and start a new game. Is there a way I can continue my game further than year 2026? Thank you in advance!

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