Georgia On My Mind – Part Seven: Regeneration For The Nation | @KingOfTheRooks

Hello there! Welcome back to another stint in the Georgian national team hot seat. We’re just stepping into our Euro 2004 qualification as the reigning world champions. You can catch up here. The problems I foresee now is that the players are going to be in their 30’s by the time the tournament comes around. We should end up 1st seeds, so hopefully if we qualify, we can at least get out the groups.

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Georgia On My Mind – Part Six: Big Seeds | @KingOfTheRooks

Welcome back to the Ladeze’s on Tour! 2001 saw us qualify for the World Cup for the first time, matching England for points in our group, including beating them at home – you can catch up here. As it happens, the World Cup draw was in 2001, but I’ve saved that joy for you now, and what joy indeed!

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Georgia On My Mind – Part Two: A Bit of Kink | @KingOfTheRooks

A gentile reminder of why we are here; to try and make something of this golden generation of Georgian players. You can catch up here. We couldn’t qualify for the world cup but 1997 was okay. We won two competitive games and think we found our shape. As we await our first fixtures, its an endless stream of injuries:

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Georgia On My Mind – Part One: Howay the Ladzes! | @KingOfTheRooks

Hello and welcome to my latest CM9798 craze. Craze? Possibly not. But let’s get to the point. In CM9798, a lot of the lesser-known nations can be made playable. In this case my designated task is to take over the ‘golden generation’ of Georgian football. Arveladze, Kinkladze, Kavelashvili and co.

Here are the best 25 of the 28 Georgian players in the database. Schkeidze is very handy. His ability is almost as good as Kinkladze. We’ll have to keep Lob-j-nidze and Kiknadze apart, it could get a bit beyond the watershed, more like watery eyes.

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Football League Trophy Manager 97-98 – P13: The Final Whistle | @KingOfTheRooks & The Blog Squad

Hello there! Welcome to the final in our series, Football League Trophy Manager. It has been glorious. And by glorious, we mean tedious. Who knew managing s**** players and not being allowed to improve your squad could be so frustrating. If you want to catch up on last week, knock yourself out here.

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Football League Trophy Manager 97-98 – P12: Are You Bored Yet? And Can You Tell That We Are? | @KingOfTheRooks & The Blog Squad

Hello and welcome back to another episode of what it feels like to let someone piss in your eyes except their piss is bleach, also known affectionately as Football League Trophy Manager. If you wish to catch up with last weeks shenanigans, you can do so here.

We left the table looking like this after almost 29 games for all. As the saying goes, bleachy piss rolls downhill and Ross is soaking. 17 points clear, we’re just playing until Rob’s championship is confirmed. Pools panel verdict? Nobody cares.

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Football League Trophy Manager 97-98 – P11: The Curious Case of the Bald Hamster & The Missing Belgian | @KingOfTheRooks & The Blog Squad

Welcome back to a blog so dry Zak’s hamster has gone bald from boredom. What have we been feeding you? If you momentarily forgot why you existed, you can catch up here.

We left last week with Rob still top despite a few bumps and the loss of key players.

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