The Gialloblu Chronicles – Part 6

Ross is back with more from Parma, the second season is underway but with trips to Juventus and Dortmund to come in this update, he’s got his work cutout to continue his success both domesticalyl and in Europe. You can catch up with Part 5 here.

Hello fans. How are we? Well we in Parma are doing fine. A strong start to season two and hope is in air.

Goals have been hard to come by recently, and our next home game against Lecce is no different.


Lack of goals aside, we are top. The defence of Thuram, Cannavaro and Curtis rotated when I see fit is working.

My only issue is the wingers of Sibby and Denny. Not many in the goals column. I send them both a video full of goals to get their confidence up. A week later Denilson gives me his back saying it was just what he needed. When I play the video back I find out he used it to tape some Brazilian soap.

But maybe some home comforts is what he needed. 6 mins in in Greece he scores and the floodgates open.


JC getting his first goal as well means our strong start to the campaign continues.

Now I don’t like to see a great player out for a long time, but I want titles and Juventus are a main competitor.


With their golden boy out for the remainder this could prove crucial.

Next up is away to Lazio and a contender for game of the season.


I know its October but Mancini was wearing a blue and white scarf during the game, odd from the lad.


Ah nuts. Juventus will know that its not as big a loss as Del Piero but still a consistent performer for me. Enter Niclas and a stint in one of the many many positions he can play.

Back to CL stuff and Kiev turn up to the Ennio, we come up against two Sevchenko’s yet I suspect the one who scores might be a robot clone.


Odd the rules state we have to wear our away kit at home when there is a clash.


Two draws in the first two games have meant we might not finish top. Dortmund looking strong as well.

Now, similar to Bologna, Udinese raise their game for our visits. But we run riot, only missing a few extra goals. These stats are from half time:



Sibby scores in the second half to highlight the fact we need to be hitting the net more often. More so as its Inter at the Ennio next.

And what happened next was craziest game I’ve ever witnessed.


Hernan should have had 4 in the game. I look on envy as Ronaldo scores either side of our equaliser. He will be mine one day. But our first loss of the season proves costly, and tightens things at the top.


We need to bounce back and quickly.


A few suspensions and little injuries mean Stanic and Melli start. Nervous last ten mins but all we need is a win in our last game and we top the group.


And we do.

Ravenna, no idea either, feel the force of a hungry Crespo. Fiore show too much fury and sees red.


With Hernan scoring plenty and Chiesa setting him up I feel like we have a settled 11 with players on the fringe to come when needed.

I feel confident when we play our usual bogey team at home.


Yes yes yes. Momentum is a big word in sport, to be fair anything over 4 letters is a big word for my players. But we send over 44,000 fans home happy. So happy we expanded the stadium.

The Stadio Delle Alpi is our next destination. Even without Del boy Juve should not be underestimated. I sense nerves in my lads, not helped by the fact Kieron Dyer has taken up playing the spoons.

Half way down the motorway I see two silver objects hurled out of window and Lilian Thuram saying ‘No More!!’

I give Blomqvist and Helveg starts, I need strong characters out there and some Scandinavian spirit should help.


What a win. We go into the Christmas break on a massive high, we even let Dyer bang out Live Forever on a couple of tea spoons.

We end this write up with the league table. As you can see those three points have shot us up to top.



Only 3 points separate 15th to Milan in 8th, but that’s not for me worry about. Ciao for now.

Ross will be playing as Denmark in the CM9798 World Cup. In the meantime, you can follow him on Twitter @Riddley82

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