The Wonderkids – Part 6: Parry on Regardless

The Wonderkids is an experimentation to see just how far the games potential rating of -1 can take a squad of young players given enough game time to develop. There are 655 players of this nature in the database, but we could only select so many. You can catch up with last week here.

Last week we’d made an almost perfect start to life in Division Two sitting top of the table, unbeaten having only drawn one. Unfortunately, Thomas ‘paper hands’ Sorenson has helped us towards an early exit in the League Cup. I’m also considering sending Curtolo on loan to Brondby to play in their Champions League group stages for a bit of works experience. Here’s a reminder of the table:

It’s grim up north…we lose our first game of the season as we fold like a deck of cards for 10-man Grimsby. Poor.

We send Curtolo off to Denmark, and he’s a star player in a much depleted Brondby squad.

It’s grim down south too as we can’t find our way beyond doogle and co.

A chance for a recovery comes and we scrape our way beyond a poor Swindon.


Elsewhere Wimbledon brighten their day with a minus man.

And we provide our customary regret. With promotion the focus, this will get second string attention.

My growing hatred of CM9798 legends continues as Leyton Orient take us apart down under. Tony Coton man, how have we not hammered them?

Finally, we return to form with Dennis and Gnasher getting a goal apiece.

On a side note David Parry is generating interest from some big clubs despite little to no playing time and being recalled from Rangers. His stats are woeful, but I might have to squeeze some games in for him.

The slicer is proving to be a happy place again as we say hello to a familiar score line. That’s 50 league goals in 17 games.

Juan more time….we’re gonna celebrate. FFS I need to take Inzaghi off penalties.

Dennis and Juan are going to miss three matches from the 11th November after reaching 21 disciplinary points. THREE GAMES?!? Last season it was only one game? We continue our winning run by brushing aside relegation fodder Bristol Rovers.

As ever, internationals mean it’s a second string in the FA Cup. Ourselves and the B team make it through.

They have quite the fancy formation on the go.

A perfect storm of suspensions and internationals for our next game at the slicer against third placed Wigan means we can just about string together a side with some players out of position.

The fans get wind and the attendance is appalling but a win’s a win and wi-gan-again in a few days.

The original wonderkids take a beating from our crew.

Meanwhile Parry puts the sword through his home boys from Wales.

Our continued regret in the football trophy presents us with a bizarre challenge where we will absolutely look to avoid the shame and ignominy of defeat. We better B-ware! (They have Adolfo Valencia up top!)

We progress in the FA Cup too as Bing pops up with a header to seal the win.

We close out this update against Northampton where a last-minute equaliser keeps the Slicer happy and Parry is really showing why he is highly rated by the big boys.

We’ve made it to the half-way point with a lot of positives, and goals! We’ve been able to start rotating a bit more but it’s becoming a struggle with the 4 non-EEA player rules, with Drummond becoming less effective and showing little progress he may be up for the chop.

So with the B-Team debt continuing to spiral and our own monthly losses racking up we’ll try to roll on through the season with our WonderLADS and keep the dream alive. We’ll see you next time for some more pointless and FA Cup escapades and to see whether we can keep Cambridge at bay!

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