The Wonderkids – Part 11: Deja Vu

The Wonderkids are back on the trail seeing whether minus potential stats are enough to drag a team kicking and screaming into the elite competitions of CM9798. There have been a few small additions to the squad on the way as we look to see if they can kick-on in Division One. Catch up with last week here.

Last time out we signed up Rowdy Rody Turpijn to add to our contingent of Dutch minus men. We continue to make steady progress, but the playing field is much more level than the last season with last season’s FA Cup finalists Huddersfield amongst the chasing pack. The second-string strikers are not firing at all and we are more reliant on a close group of key players.

Dropping the drummer boy appears to have done him the world of good, Division Two is his place.

We also start with some good news as Bing is back!

We come back up against playoff hopefuls Barnsley and they tinkle all over us in a late collapse.

The positivity just flows through us, so much that from time to time it breaks us.

International duty puts an end to Rose’s season. He can spend the rest of his days in rehab bending spoons instead of free kicks.

Peckham’s finest visit the slicer, and while the Stig tries to pull a fast one but Ramirez is having none of it. I was really worried at one point. Sorenson might be for the chop soon.

Good news! Double good news!

Forest add to their minus man ranks, taking with them one of Barnsley’s Bullock’s. There’s a song in their somewhere…

We follow up the great news and excellent attacking display with an abysmal draw at 24th placed Bradford City. Our finger well and truly off the pulse today!

Up next it’s a top of the table clash at the slicer as the Wolves are at the door. Sorenson flips, flaps and flops as we fall to defeat, and the gap closes to just 2 points.

We’re back in FA Cup action and Flowers parries it to Parry who comfortably slots home the winner against Premier League opposition. Geeeeeeet up!

We are rewarded with a rematch against Tottenham bringing last season full circle.

Parry is really back as Tranmere are dispatched inside 45 minutes. The downside is Ramirez is out for a bit. Balling’s change to step up.

And step up he does as he gets the roll balling on his season in style. Minus man Weaver comes in on loan and is at fault for both goals.

Something has started here, hopefully just in time for Spurs to face some real pain. I’m more optimistic about the volume of players with 10+ goals now! But after a tight start to the season, we’re getting leaky at the behind as the season wears on.

We play Tottenham again. We have two goals disallowed again. It goes to a replay again.

And we lose Parry for a week to a dead leg. I have no puns, just tears. We almost get Champ man’d again at Birmingham;

But Leonidas de Vinci invents a goal out of nothing to earn us a point.

We face off with Tottenham in a replay again. We get ourselves in the lead again. We cannot hang on again. Walker making the sole penalty save. Rowdy Rody Turpijn has 5 goals now.

Its an epic fail at the Vale. We dominate and frustrate in equal measure. Manninger gets a clean sheet though so there is that.

We come back up against a minus man now gracing the England U21’s…

But its our day! A first half rumble and we score big to keep our 3-point lead at the top.

This feels like a good place to pause. It’s getting more challenging, some of the players are becoming less effective. After 20+ assists last year Rommedahl has nothing to his name and other than Ramirez, the strikers are barely scraping by. Roll and Leonidas however have remained fantastic. But, again, special praise for a special player who is our top average rating still, barely below the 8.00 he was scoring after 5 games, Bing is proving to be awesome.

Please join us next time as we look to battle it out with Wolves for the title, and as a bare minimum finish 2nd. Thanks for staying with us, see you for the close.

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