Leeds Redux – Part 3 | @RossBell1984

The weekend has arrived! Ross is here to start your Saturday in style as he continues to rebuild Leeds in 1997. Gromit is delighted…

Ahoy-hoy, it’s that time of the week again where we take a trip to sunny Yorkshire.
When I was last here we were losing to Man U, which although unforgivable is understandable, having Oleg Luzhny being MOTM against you in another losing effort is both unforgivable and not even understandable. At least I’ve got Jimmy firing this time around.

Good old West Ham, always there when you need a win. Rod Wallace with another before Jimmy gets two more. A silly, unnecessary red card from the consistent Martin Hiden is less welcome however.

Good thing I didn’t get too excited about being back to winning ways as Crystal Palace showed up to ruin the party mood.

A hectic first half here as two big injuries occur but Jimmy bags another brace. Injuries are starting to mount up though.

In real life this season Leeds scored 28 goals. We’ve already blitzed that in this season and more results like this will certainly help. Jimmy is on fire. A real Boxing Day treat for all the Leeds fans.

Derby are bottom of the league and by a long long way, an early red card doesn’t help but 3-1 at home always looks good.

Emmers gets the job done in this one and no one will convince me you can spend a better 350k on a player in this game.

I swear to god I am not pumping Rod Wallace with HGH but he has been an absolute beast this season. Collymore strikes late but it’s not enough to mount a comeback.

I’ve largely ignored the League and FA Cups this season but I figured this game needs highlighting. Division 1 QPR pushed us all the way to deep Extra time before we finally finished them off thanks to that man again.

We are at the end of January approaching the final stretch here but before i sign off for this week I want to show you the top goalscorers in the Premiership.

No idea what has happened to Wallace but long may it continue.      
Until next week #MOT  

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