The Wonderkids – Part Twenty-Five: Running on Fumes

Welcome back to The Wonderkids where we take on the final stages of season six! You can catch up with last week here. We’re still in with a shot at all competitions, that said we’ve almost lost as many games as last season already, we’ve drawn an awful lot and we’re hanging on to the form of the minority of the squad with a good chunk out on loan or unhappy. Here’s where we left off:

Disappointed as I am to have ‘Boro so close to us, it’s funny to see them above Bryan Robson’s Utd. We open with a comfortable win over PSG in the home leg.

Bing pops up again in the FA Cup with a man of the match display.

Joke’s boys lose but we fail to capitalise as Bing turns villain.

A 1-0 at the Wolverines sees us back on track, but the lack of goal action is a worrying sign. A Champions League thriller sees Baggio’s boys come to within a whisker of getting into the semi-finals. A real poor show all round.

We scrape through were we’ll meet Bayern again. ‘Boro get the sharp end of the draw against Barcelona. England lose as Bing only makes the bench…

But it’s Danish delight for Roll and Bakman.

We arrive at Wembley for the League Cup final against Joke’s boys, and they have us on the ropes but for a late turn around. JUANDERFUL!

We really should have put more away but…Ian Walker.

We absolutely pummelled them. It’s the Champions League semi-final next. Can we not get a league game? What a first leg. Almeida will be banned for the return in Germany.

With the fixture pile up, West Ham do the unthinkable…

We’ve got games in hand, but we’ll have tired legs and probably some suspensions to deal with given our love of a yellow card or two. We make it through to the FA Cup Final:

And briefly we go top following a win over QPR…but…proceed to get Champ Man’d by Leeds, put in an abysmal performance as Derby get serious revenge, and make every attempt to throw away the Champions League…

It’s ‘Boro in the final (why did Robson leave???) and we’ll be without Roll and Agboh due to yellow cards. That will be horrific to deal with. Leonidas and Parry will need to step into the breach and Juan will drop in to run DMC…

At least Bryan Lolson is keeping us entertained. Great job Bryan!

We’re not stopped by a former B-Kid this time as the Blues leave the slicer feeling their colours.

Villa hold us to a 0-0 draw at home, we’re all over the place at the minute. LOL son!

The pressure is on. Its anyone’s in the run in…

…well, except Bryan Robson’s. Joke Innear is hot on our tail as ever. Jovan digs deep and we keep up the heat.

What the f*** happened here. We’re all left feet.

It’s down to us and Joe, and he needs a 10-goal swing.

Keegan’s Arsenal, knowing if they put ten past us what would happen, allow us to walk it.

Two more to go and we can gather all 7 available trophies for the season. The domestic quadruple and the European/Continental treble. Here’s the final table:

At the other end, Liverpool are relegated. FFS…

Joke Innear comes in second best again! Geeeeet up! Bengt Andersson thankfully comes in for the un-penetrable Ian Walker.

The Champions League Final arrives, we can’t name a full bench and Kirovski can’t get in the squad due to the 3 non-EU rule…two ‘keepers and a defender is all we can take for back-up…and a DMC in attack…

Juan goes off and Bing has to play DMC…but it doesn’t matter as a ‘Boro crumble under the pressure and the trophy is ours despite our ramshackle side.

Just enough left in the tank. And so for the vital statistics:

Bak-Jensen has been shambolic this season.

What is impressive, is Almeida played over 60 games and averaged a 7.49.

Could he have scored more headers? Probably but we’ll not complain about his 50 pence head yet. And where would we be without out this guy’s goals?


And the main man, Thomas Roll.

So, we’ve won it all. What else can we do? Well in the words of Brian Clough, do it better. We lost more games this season and for the second season in a row we started really slowly out the blocks and only scraped the title over the last week of the season. Plus, just how many times can these boys keep doing it? In the words of another legendary manager…”four more years!” as contractually obliged! There are more minus men we’d love to buy. Veiga signed a new 5 year deal at Schalke…we need to bide our time.

Do stay with us to see if we can keep this rag tag bunch at the prime of their lives and whether this glitch actually happens!

A B Team…in the same division as the A Team??? Surely not possible?

See you next time!

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