The Wonderkids – Part Thirty-Three: The Final Countdown

‘Invincible: incapable of being conquered, defeated, or subdued.’ Welcome back to the next step in The Wonderkids journey. We left you last having continued our unbeaten run in the 2004/05 season across all competitions and having dished out a thrashing in the Champions League quarter-final first leg. If you missed it, you can catch-up here. As ever, here’s a reminder of the table:

How Newcastle have managed to lose 6 games with that defence is beyond me. I guess at 35 Batigol isn’t delivering anymore. Meira stakes a claim for Juan’s place:

The draw is unbelievably kind to us.

We make a late season purchase to add to our rank as we bring in a Loja, but we’ll pay the rent.

Meanwhile in the steel city, Purse is pulling the strings but Meira is a man on a mission to dislodge Juan from the team.

Another minus man arrives, and you might think, why the f*** has he bought that?

Well, this form is why we’ve given it a shot.

The hammers come after our unbeaten streak but we go all-out-defence in a bid to maintain our run.

And it works!

Next stop Malmo to see if we can progress and recapture the Champions League trophy. We think we’ve lost our first game, then we think we’ve won the 2nd leg only to end up drawing. This was a HIGH PRESSURE a game as I’ve ever seen.

9-6 over two legs, a close shave, but we’ve made it intact. Unbelievable.

We’ll face off with a few minus men for a shot at glory. The curse begins to rear its head at the wrong time.

We have to play the League Cup final with only Bak-Jensen for backup. It doesn’t matter though as we win a game of little action.

Bakman and Ramirez are now carrying the burden on less than 10 goals each for the season.

Bye bye-ern.


The title is decided without us. We’ve got it in the bag after 29 games!

There’s almost a quarter of the season still to go! Morale is through the roof and it shows in the FA Cup as Bakman and Ramirez join the 10-goal club.

Our opponents in the final? None other than Bryan Robson’s boys. It was written in the cm9798 game code stars.

But first…Lolson!

We are riding our luck massively. Draws with Blackburn and Stoke follow. The board are less than impressed as our foot comes off the gas. We learn from the Malmo game and go defensive away to Bayern.

It pays off…just about.

The hits just keep on coming as the squad feels like it’s on its knees.

There’s another draw in the league with Newcastle, but at least we put a goal beyond their stingy defence. There aren’t many games to go, my fingernails are shredded. If we can avoid a defeat now it will be the first time I’ve achieved an invincible season in 23 years of playing this game. Wolves and QPR are sent packing. We get a scare against Boro but we keep going!

Juanderful…his season is over. Derby go the distance 1-0 and our final game against Arsenal see’s us remain invincible in the league, what better opponents to finish against!

And here’s the table:

We’re in FA Cup action next and, being the maverick that I have been this season we notice Man Utd have been playing with 5 at the back, ultra defensive…so…

Robson must hate playing us. We’ll keep the shape for the Champions League final against PSG. Beto tries to throw the game but we hang on…

Van der Schaaf has found a second coming as a ‘keeper.

And with that, wow!!! We’re unbeaten in all competitions across the entire season. We’ve really drawn on all our formational resources to get through this. And there has been a tremendous amount of luck! The vital statistics…

This season has been absolute fantasy. Kirovski has been phenomenal. There has been real unhappiness as we’ve rotated the squad, but it proved worthwhile. We’ve been good at guessing when players are about to drop form. What. A. Season!

This feels like a natural ending to The Wonderkids series. Do I really think I can go better than that? I’m highly doubtful. And some of these players are approaching the end of their best shelf-life. It has been an absolute pleasure running this save, and I hope it has brought some fresh blood to your attention.

Thank you for staying with us throughout the journey. I do hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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