Wonderkids International – Part One: Wonderkids, Assemble

Last week, one of the greatest saves this blog has ever seen came to a close. The Wonderkids are no more. However, an offshoot has spawned and Andrew is heading abroad!

Hello and welcome! I was sad to see the back of the Wonderkids save, and wondered…what else could we do? Having studied the database for some time, it was obvious. Two nations feature heavy on the list…England and Portugal. So, what better way to carry the challenge than attempt to win the European Championships and the World Cup only with minus men? There’s enough Portuguese Wonderkids for a squad, a full shortlist and some to spare.

You may well recognise some of our better-known friends.

So, what awaits us over the course of this season. Well, it will be a challenge to qualify for the playoffs, we’ll have to beat Germany.

Two of our better acts holding the middle together.

Our first outing against lowly Armenia does not bode well…

We are very creative; we just don’t appear to be able to shoot.

As fate would have it, just like our club level save, the curse follows us through the games coding as we approach the Germany game:

Despite the plague of injuries, we cobble a squad together. It’s a great result, but it’s not the one we needed.

The FA agree. There’ll be dancing in the streets…not. We had the better chances, but we couldn’t find our way out the changing rooms, never mind the back of the net.

It leaves us needing favours from Albania or Armenia…not…going…to happen.

As we turn our attention to Northern Ireland, you know the score…

And this guy, we’d just called up after looking in pretty tasty form…I bet he’s loud.

Well, he might come in handy for the end of the Euro qualifiers. Maybe. In the end, we batter the Northern Irish. It looks like a great result, but really, we could have scored 10.

Was it enough? Did the eastern European’s do us a favour? Did they hell.

Plus points? We held our own against a world class Germany and we haven’t yet conceded a goal. Friendlies will give us a chance to understand the squad better (should they stay fit!) and play with the formation a bit (we’ve been using 2-3-1-2-2 and 2-4-1-2-1). The spine of our side is destroyed for Italy and it shows as we collapse after 56 minutes.

Our Euro Qualifying group gives us a good chance of qualification. Czech it out…

We improve as we play the French but we’re helped by the Space Cowboy and his silly temper.

Putting the ball away against the big sides is the main issue.

Just as well our next opponents provide us with some finishing practice. Admittedly it takes a while to get going.

We’ve been diddled I tell you, diddled!!!

Unless we have a team of Giggsy’s who don’t fancy the friendlies? China is another simple one, but we make hard work of it.

He’s Bin Fu a lot to get that many man of the matches, I tell you.

Finally, we get a good result against a good side. Absolutely Fabio!

We go with the same tweak that got us 0-0 with Germany.

Two strikers carrying us through at the minute, but I’d argue they should have more.

We’ll be without Martins for the first Euro qualifier as he’s living la vida loca shooting his music video has a games ban for two yellows. And there we have it, progress to some extent but boy are these sicknotes going to be hard to drag up to scratch.


Pinto picks up Young Player of the Year award which has to be a good sign right? Its been a mixed bag, with the bad results looking worse as France and Italy dropped out the World Cup early (FYI Denmark won it). We’ve got a lot to do but we’re looking forward to the Euro’s in 2000, let’s all meet up yeah?

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