Cheering Up Peter Reid – Part Three: A little bit of history repeating?

We’ve been Mullin things over marras, is the season really going so well? If you want to reflect on that, catch up from the start here. We’re climbing the table but its tight at the top. Still, attempt to sign Holloway and Heckingbottom who should have still been at the club, but £12,000 a week is a bug in the game we cannot ignore. Meanwhile the home cooking icon is the latest to reject us:

Nevertheless, we keep the red flag flying…at half-mast…against lowly Oxford. If a flag could be caught with its pants down, this would be it.

Melville had 8 shots and 1 on target. Big John from Burnley was playing ice creams but the Welshman literally flaked. Moving on, we set the Pulse racing as the two big dicks make the headlines the papers dreamed of.

Crewe-sing. Sub-par Kevin is out for 6 weeks, Williams is a capable stand-in.

We’ve fallen into a familiar formation, using Mullin as an attacking full-back has paid off for now.

The Italian organ puts his former employers to the sword. Danny is becoming the main man despite playing the supporting act in real life and managing a bit fat lonely zero that season.

The FA Cup draw rolls back the years:

As does the Coca-Cola Cup after thrashing Portsmouth.

Hopefully we have the kind of left field player to drive us beyond these two difficult ties.

What Sunderland does have, is Bridges. No…well yes, but not those, and not a shopping centre. He’s not going to Leeds, not on my life:

And with that, we go top. Oh what can it mean indeed.

Early pace setters Man City have drifted. Disco and the stallion see us to a point.

We see off the competition with a late and underserved smash and grab. A lot of this side are good nodding it with their bonce. Very suited to direct football.

Back to back promotion rivals; everybody in 97 was still doing the Bartman, but it was just a distraction as we come out ahead in another classic battle with Forest.

The FA Cup sees us topple Premier League opposition and old FA Cup foes. Waxa!

With that Dichio has 30 goals. Clearly all he needed was to be the pinnacle of a direct tactic. More cup action, oh go on. Liverpool who?

Ball might be out, but he was in the dresser giving it the big un’ and the lads get some revenge for him 5 years on. McAteers of joy. The resultant treat?

A Tyne-Wear derby. I’m absolutely sure we’ll get ruined playing against a Champions League side. What follows is dire, a 1-0 defeat away to playoff chasers Birmingham. We move out the hangover with a valiant effort against bottom-half Port Vale.

We’re almost 10 points clear of the playoff group. But, cliched as it is, the wolves are at the door.

There have been goals galore, and, with 16 games to go plus cup games I’m hoping the pizza boy or disco can reach 40+ goals. Zenden has gone off to Ajax so we’ve no hope in hell of getting him anytime soon. Eric Roy is available, but he’s rejected our advances. Still, we’re outperforming Peter’s real-life side in every department. Mickey Gray wants to leave to further his international chances, but I’ve warned him a repertoire of stepovers isn’t enough. That’s enough cheer for this week marras, see you next time!

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