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Haway then lairds, lets get back into it! If you’d like to catch-up with last week’s difficult reading, then you can do so here. If you’re not one for looking back in anger, then just stay with us. Last time out we’d bombed down the Premier League table, few players were stepping up, and we were in crisis. The we adopted the Cruyff tactic and we steadied the ship. The board were unhappy:

We might as well start with a nice easy away game.

It’s hard when the opposition can field an entire nation. At least that’s what it felt like. We were never in it. We follow up with a nice easy game against 20th placed Sheff Wed. Nice and easy…

Where do we go from here? Oh yes, that’ll do nicely. NOT. I can see the headline in the Sunderland Echo; “Dick Out Of Action For 7 Months”.

We somehow claw a victory at mid-table Leicester.

An entertaining 3 minutes, but they got served by the Butler! Another opportunity goes elsewhere.

That said, not sure it would have improved us. Still, the FA Cup is still enjoyable. Ball pops up with the opener against his former employers.

We do love red.

A three-match ban for the captain. I’m glad to be out of it, just another distraction. A double whammy next as we lost to fellow strugglers Barnsely, to off all things, a Hristov winner…

…and Weaver is out for the rest of the season.

It’s slim f****** pickings down here. Slim. We make another tweak to try and get some momentum going.

And we plant a big old smack on the end of Jimmy’s chin. A true test.

A win? Away? A win away!

Yeah it’s the FA Cup, but our away for has been dire. Na. Please.

“Things, can only get better”…

“Can only get better….”

Now I’ve found Stew.

Choices, choices…

A violent game with Villa see’s us come through with the points away from home. Bloody marvellous.

This isn’t too bad.

This is though. Ouch!

What makes it worse? Shearer got 4 goals. We bottled it (well either that or Given is fantastic). We do better where it doesn’t matter, in the cup.

We follow up with a good point at 6th placed Chelsea.

Alex Rae, goal machine! They never say a 5-1 has been a close game…well my marra’s this, this is disgusting.

I’m squaring the blame firmly at Perez’s door. We really need a reliable ‘keeper. Calling Mike Pollitt or Mart Poom. SOS. Another tremendous league performance gets us some points.

Everyone else is winning around us however, so it means little. We close in circumstances that see us drop back into the relegation zone. An Ian Wright thunderbolt from 30 yards the only difference.

You don’t get any luck at the bottom. Goal disallowed and a clear penalty denied by the lino. The board are apoplectic.

Garn f*** yourself Bob, I can’t even attract quality players to sign for us (my own rules I’ll admit). The short-list is brutal in that no players are available for transfer. We’ll have to close out the season with what we have at our disposal. We’re in with a shout if we can keep Alex Rae ticking over. Ten to go, do join us next week to see if we can plug the holes in our sinking wreck. See you next time marras!

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