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Good morning and merry Monday to you all. Here’s Matt with the latest from AFC United…

Hello, hello, who put love in my head? I know, I know, its made of lead….

Sorry, I’ve been listening to a lot of music by Blossoms lately. Very unlike me to be listening to a ‘modern’ band, so lets head back to where our heart still resides – the 90’s. Late 90’s to be exact, very late 90’s.

My squad of ex-Man United have rocketed from Division 3 to the summit of Division 1, are they just 30 games away from a reunion with the Mothership? This part should make the picture clearer.

Here’s how we left things last week…the Watford Gap is two points. Shearer-less Newcastle are aiming to get back to the big time at the second attempt. We’re here to thwart them.

The Saints let Le Tiss go marching to Sheffield Wednesday two seasons ago. He won an FA Cup with Andy Cole while they leave Broadhurst after a pasting.

Pasting may have been an exaggeration but a clean sheet was welcome. Its welcome again against Barnsley, only they do the same to us. Brown is out injured. We miss him.

He’s back for the visit of Wrexham, but its Nevland who takes the match ball home. No international flavour in this version of Wrexham, although captain Brian Carey is another ex-Utd youth – they get everywhere.

I know everyone has been wondering the same thing, how is Paul Ince getting on?

Well, ok it seems. Fairly average, no roving rampages towards goal that typified his later United career. The Guvnor is keeping steady here for us. Darren Ferguson is most definitely annoyed. Imagine being behind the same player at two different clubs?

Its a sort of derby, but we’re awful. I go home and pull the duvet over my head for the rest of the weekend. Our undefeated streak lasted 19 games. Playing Fortune at left back may have been a mistake.

To be honest, I would have been better off staying under that duvet all week. Venus on a mountain top indeed.

Nicola Ventola playing for Ipswich has Ravenelli at Middlesbrough/Lombardo at Palace energy all over it

Its a return to form the following weekend, but it comes at some cost.

Denny was great for me in my Cardiff save, but he’s too far down the pecking order in all fairness, so he leaves with my blessings

Nevland is dragging us through these games at the moment. Parky obviously wanted an early bath to get ready for his chat show. Maybe.

On occasion, when Brown and Nevland aren’t firing, we do have some able back ups.

QPR are a sterner test, but we’re equal to it

Nevland can only benefit from a fellow countryman in the squad. Henning can play in the centre or on the right, a position we still haven’t settled on

We’re edging through games at the moment, but its a decent debut for the Bergman.

Pompey attempt to play up but Brown has other ideas

It shows how much we are relying on Brown when he’s out injured. A decent run in the FA Cup would be welcome given the state of our finances.

Duncan disorderly and that’s our third league loss of the season.

Newcastle were surprisingly relegated in season one and Shearer hot footed it to United. We seem to be showing more intent in getting to the Premier League than they have in returning. They still have the bones of a decent squad though.

That Newcastle white wash seems to have put a spring in our step

Red cards for the opposition seem to be helping that too

This is getting a bit silly now. That’s 7 red cards in this post alone.

15 more league games down and we’re looking good for promotion but even with all those wins, we only have a 2 point lead at the top. It’s tight – no wonder this is the hardest league to get out of. Watford have faded but Newcastle are in the play off mix.

Seems like we’re doing ok, although we’re losing money at quite a rate for the a small club

Please join us next week when we’ll see how the title push plays out and whether we can make the swiftest ascent to the top since King Kong. Catch you laters.

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