AFC United – Part 11: Count to 20 | @Matt_C_Wills

It’s Easter Monday and we have the perfect accompaniment for those remaining Easter eggs. It’s Matt and AFC United of course but is the title challenge going to fade?

Happy Easter folks! It’s another instalment from our Ex-Man United heroes to entertain you for 10 minutes or so.

We left things last week with an amazing start to life in the big time and we sit 9 points clear at the top in our maiden season.

Before we get back to league action, we’re off to Switzerland for the 2nd leg of our Cup Winners Cup tie. Its a poor performance, but we did enough in the first leg to ease us through. A few more conceded would be a kick in the Chassots. Or Koch.

Some huge teams in this competition and Borussia MGB will be a tough test.

Rodlund’s injury turns out to be more serious than we realised, I doubt we’ll see him again this season.

Thankfully we have Nevland and Brown to see us to a famous victory at Old Trafford. Paul Ince particularly enjoyed this one.

Danny hall missed the trip to Old Trafford through suspension, but he’s been nothing short of magnificent since the beginning.

Magnificent or not, it’s pretty frustrating to beat Man Utd then lose to Sunderland.

Future United star and potential AFc signing Rio, doing the rounds of the big clubs

Big Bad Brown

This would have been a good signing with Rodlund out, but sadly I was too late to get a bid in. Alloa are in the Scottish Second Division…..

Our follow up to that Sunderland loss, is another loss in the Steel City.

The only bright spot in our recent form are the regular goals of David Brown.

But all is not well. There have been allegations that Brown’s abilities may not be ‘au natural’. I call him into the office after training and ask him straight.

‘Dave, your form has been marvelous, but some people are suspicious of how you can be so good?’

‘What ‘people’?

‘Oh, just some young bucks’

‘Well, you know I’m as nature intended me, and I know it, so that’s what counts right?’

‘You can bet your ass it is. Tomorrow this whole flap will be over’

Brown scores a late winner in a tough match away to Everton. In celebration, he lifts his shirt over his head, Ravenelli style, and his t-shirt underneath reads ‘Count to 20 and p1ss off’. Love that guy. The FA might have something to say about it though.

I always find West Ham a tricky side to play against and an aging Dean Saunders is on the mark and we rely on Erik to salvage an away point.

It’s more comfortable against Coventry as we end the year on a positive note. George Switzer proving the doubters wrong with a rare goal.

We’re not used to waiting this long to start our FA Cup defense but we’re good value for our 2-0 win at the Riverside.

Terry Cooke is enjoying life at the moment, especially in Europe. Surely he’s making Glenn Hoddle sit up and take notice with the Euro’s looming?

Scarborough away in the next round of the Cup should be a straightforward challenge.

Their manager is Ray Wilkins who is still picking himself for most games. Guess he was right to snub our project in Season 1.

Beating Boro in the cup is no substitute to losing a valuable 3 points in the league. Phil Stamps his authority on the match and we have no response.

Finally I get one of my favourite early 90’s Man Utd players. What a bargain.

Sharpey shuffles into our squad. George Switzer is obviously worried. He was so keen as he’s barely played these past 3 and a half seasons, but hopefully he can do a job for us for a few seasons yet.

Its a late advantage against Bryan Robson’s Forest on Sharpey’s debut and it feels like our sticky patch is behind us now.

Oh for God’s sake! No wonder he’s barely been playing.

Another guy looking for regualr football is OGS whose off to sunny Spain.

Ray plays 35 minutes against us in the cup and George Switzer is back in at left back. I pick a strong side – no need for any banana skins, plus we could do with the money from a cup run, we’re almost broke.

Well, ‘almost’ might have been an exaggeration – losing £1m a month is a problem…

Does signing a new player mid-season upset morale? This is a bad day at the office whatever the reason.

Well, that’s the defense of the FA Cup over, our best bet for Europe next year will be to win the Cup Winners Cup or finish near the top of the league.

Our form is so up and down, even finishing near the top might be a struggle with blanks like this.

Well, despite that patchy form, our excellent early season form means we still have a bit of a buffer at the top

At the bottom, always nice to see Kasey Keller struggling…

The middle part of the season is always a tricky time, but does shape the season. We’re broke, but we’re hanging on to top spot and we’re in the quarter finals of the Cup Winners Cup, dare we dream big, or just be happy to be where we’re at?

Hopefully you’ll join me next Monday when restrictions lift and we’ll see how far we go so quickly. You can count on my lads to buck up their ideas and hopefully we’ll avoid any flaps, cheers!

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