The Blog Squad FC – Part 3 | @RossBell1984

Time to check in on the Blog Squad now with The Big Rossman at the helm. Can they (we?) sustain a promotion push?

Welcome along to another TBS update, No messing this time let’s get right into the action.
We struggled to a 1-1 draw with Colchester in this one, things just weren’t clicking. We move on.

GM 19.png

Back to winning ways at home against Notts County here with Dave getting 2 more and Matt with the 3rd before Notts County pull one back.

GM 20.png

We have no reply to Dalian Atkinson in this one. 2-0 Brighton.

GM 22.png

Rochdale turn up at the Arena and leave with a 3-1 loss in their back pockets. 2 more for Matt and Twiss are more than enough to see them off.

GM 23.png

The first game of the season was a 5-2 beating of Barnet, we go one better this time although should that be they go one worse and we win 5-1 this time. Matt bags two more Nath and myself get one each and Twiss continues his good form.

GM 24.png

Well this is annoying Dean has been rock solid for us this year but like Phillip he’s no longer one of us. £2.2m is too much to turn down and i couldn’t even if i wanted to as apparently Wimbledon are a “Big Club”

Swansea have annoyed me this season and the fact that we lead twice before they nick a point in the last min annoys me even more.

GM 25.png

The big mac in goal for Hull has a blender and Duane Dibley bags a brace to leave me frustrated. Orient are starting to gain a bit of distance from us with their lead now being 5 points.

GM 26.png

This is a blow, Matt has been fantastic in central midfield this season but again i can’t turn down the money even though Leicester aren’t classed as a big club Everton are and they only offered £1m so getting 2.4 just seemed good business.


A dagger to my heart as apparently I’ve also had enough of being part of a successful team and I’m off Sunderland of all places. 


David Lee is bought in to replace Myself and Jeremy Goss comes in to provide some goals in Matt’s place and it goes well with Lee winning MOTM on debut and Goss bagging us what turned out to be the winner.

GM 27.png

Turns out Goss was being wasted playing in Scotland as he bags another two goals here as we make hard work of beating the 10 men of Peterborough. Aidy Boothroyd setting a very poor example to the youth of English football. 

GM 28.png

Maybe the departures will hurt more than I thought. We were dreadful here. Marcus Stewart was surprisingly a transfer listed by Ipswich, I popped in an optimistic bid of £1m and it was enough to get him. Not that he did much here mind.

Goss again the difference here as we sneak past Rotherham. Shame he’s 33 at this point.

Darlo get another battering from us as Tomlinson nets 3 with Phillip replacement Chris Allen getting a 4th.

GM 31.png

Hartlepool can just piss off. Dave is back from another injury to rescue us in this one.

GM 32.png

And that’s all for this week folks. 

Last update of the season next time. Orient are starting to falter and we are hot on their heels

Until next time!

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